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12 December '16

Sixth Edition of the “Business Crimea” Magazine Has Been Published Recently

Sixth Edition of the “Business Crimea” Magazine Has Been Published Recently

Sixth edition of the “Business Crimea” magazine, published under the auspices of the “Yalta International Economic Forum” Foundation has come off the press recently.

The suite is opened by the exclusive interview of the press spokeswoman of the Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Foreign Affairs Mariya Zakharova. “The Ministry is ready to consider the requests to establish consular offices on the territory of the Republic of Crimea, as well as appointments of Honorary Consuls of any foreign countries, interested in it”, – commented  the press spokeswoman of the Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.   

The central piece of the edition – “Crimea without Frontiers”, comprising a series of articles on international cooperation and foreign businesses in Crimea.  The first text of the column is dedicated to the visit of the largest foreign delegation coming from one country: 18 politicians and businessmen from Italy has held meetings with regional administration, signed agreements on twin-cities arrangements and interparliamentary cooperation and announced their intention to take part in some business projects – starting from the construction of a 5-star hotel and residential compounds to winemaking and meat production. The visit resulted in decision to form the largest foreign delegation during the III Yalta International Economic Forum to take place on April, 2017. Representatives from Italy have asked organizers to book 50 participation packages for them. Totally, YIEF-2017 will gather about 250 international participants from 60 countries around the globe.

The story about this visit is continued by exclusive interviews with Roberto Ciambetti, President of the Regional Council of Veneto, Atilio Carlesso, president of CANTINA di SOAVE, a major wine producer; Fulvio Scandiuzzi, owner of SCANDIUZZI company, Stefano Albrigi, owner of the company ALBRIGI, which produces equipment for winemaking, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.

“Our goal is to re-open a trade route between Russia and Italy. The focus area is first of all a metallurgic sector: steelworks manufacturing for construction of bridges and aqueducts. But we are also interested in generation of an electric power, oil and gas fields development. The potential of economic cooperation is really impressive. Crimean market is very attractive for us”, - said to the “Business Crimea” Fulvio Scandiuzzi, owner of SCANDIUZZI company.

Why Does German Business Need Crimea?” – is the title for articles, representing opinions of four German entrepreneurs, interested in realizing investment projects in Crimea. Andres Hather, director of the Vertriedsmanaqer der Schwaden commented on his plans to construct waste processing complex. “Why do we show interest to Crimea? This territory is undergoing a new development stage. It is “an art of the first hour”: time to take the initiative, make the right decisions to provide the deal to be successful. That is why we are inetersted in Crimea, despite of possible risks”, - explained the position of German investors Mr. Hather.  Eberhard Spengler, owner of a hardware production company, has shared his intention to start a concrete production line for traffic infrastructure.

The column keeps up with the title “Guests from the Celestial Empire” about the visit to Crimea of the first organized group of Chinese tourists. At the end of the year the peninsula has joined the ranks of the most attractive Russian regions for Chinese citizens. “Crimea is very compelling as a new route, - supposes Mr. Liu Ming, Head of the Sales Department of the China Сomfort International Travel Service. – But there is a shortage of information – Chinese people do not know much about Crimea”.

One of the key articles became an exclusive interview of the President of the United Shipbuilding Corporation of Aleksey Rakhmanov. “Construction of derrick boats on the Sevmorzavod will start this year”, - said the Head of the corporation. He added that by 2019 the company will invest in the biggest shipbuilding enterprise more than 7 billion rubles. During the current year Sevmorzavod has received more than 540 million rubles.

The article “Russian Business in Crimea” contains the story about Rostov’s retailer “Assorti-product”, which formed the biggest retail chain on the peninsula: 2 hypermarkets, a dozen of big grocery stores and 300 mini markets. “Investments have exceeded 1 billion rubles”, - told the Director of the Crimean Office Elena Polodyuk. According to her words, next year “Assorti-product” plans to open 100-150 mini markets and up to 10 supermarkets. “Expected value of investments – 500-600 million rubles”, - said Ms. Polodyuk.            

“Crimea should be the center of wine-making import phase-out”, - noted the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Aleksander Tkachev to the “Business Crimea” magazine. His interview opens the head “Winemaking in Crimea”. Among other sources are the Director of the biggest wine production factory “Massandra” Yanina Pavlenko,  the Head of the modern grapery Alma Valley Andrey Grigoryev, leading expert of Russia Denis Rudenko and the member of the Academy of Sciences, Director of the Research and Development Institute “Magarach” Anatoly Avidzba. Third column tells about wine tourism in Crimea titled “In vino veritas”, presented in infographics, centering around 15 most interesting graperies of the peninsula.

The column “Sports Development” is dedicated to yachting and sailing. The President of the Yachting Sport Federation of the Republic of Crimea Aleksey Andrucky marked that 12 yachting lay-ups, each with yachting school for children and young people, will be constructed in Crimea within 5 years. “Totally we will need 400-500 million dollars during this time for 16 objects – only private investments. And about 100-200 million dollars from the government to arrange investments platforms, hydraulic engineering and bank pitching works”, - said Mr. Andrucky.

Underground Palaces of Crimea” – the article about Crimean caves – sanctuary of crystals and cemetery of mammoth, subterranean rivers, glaciers and symphonic classic music concerts, published in the column “Travel”.

The column “Heritage” is addressed to one of the Christian holy place – The Church of the Christ in Foros. This temple, built in memory of miraculous escape of the tsar’s family survived several tragedies: it was a shelter for partisans, a restaurant and a stable. Now the Church became a symbol of spiritual power and Orthodox Christianity resurrection.  

The column “Culture” presents the article “The Guardian of the Ancient Cimmeria” about the artist Konstantin Bogaevsky and Eastern Crimean land, to which he dedicated his artworks.

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