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13 December '16

Topics of YIEF 2017: from space technologies and artificial intelligence to cultural heritage and nature conservation

Topics of YIEF 2017: from space technologies and artificial intelligence to cultural heritage and nature conservation

The Programme Committee of the Yalta International Economic Forum (YIEF) at its meeting as part of the Delovaya Rossiya Crimea Days held in Moscow on 13 December discussed the topics of YIEF III due to be held on 20–22 April 2017.

It proposed, for the first time, to include in the Forum programme breakout groups to discuss space technologies and the interface between man and artificial intelligence. Among the new topics of discussion will be the preservation of the cultural heritage. It was proposed that the YIEF include an exhibition of the cultural heritage of the Crimea which needs sponsors for its preservation and restoration.

YIEF 2017 will last three days. Panel discussions will be held on the first day of the Forum, followed by 10 thematic discussions in three streams. The sections that will present practical interest for a number of YIEF participants will be those devoted to export of Crimean products, the work of the FEZ and the customs-free zone and property registration. The main events of the Forum, like in the previous years, will be held at the Hotel Mriya Resort & Spa, but some discussions will take place at other locations, most notably the Livadia Palace White Hall where the 1945 Yalta Conference was held. The breakout group titled “Russian Economy: Search for Internal Resources” will include the RBC media holding among its participants. The discussion “Construction as Driver of Economic Growth” will be devoted to the development of the construction industry in Russia and the Crimea.

The highlight of the Forum will be the big plenary session which will be held, like at YIEF 2016, on the second day. But unlike the previous Forum, the discussion will be divided not in two, but in three units: World, Country, Man. The World unit is expected to focus on the economic situation in Russia from the viewpoint of international business. Russia’s place in the world economy, the experience of Russia’s interaction as a business partner and the opportunities Russia offers to foreign investors will be discussed.

The Country unit will focus on the prospects for building an innovation-driven economy in Russia to meet the challenges of tomorrow. The Man unit will be devoted to social issues and nature conservation.

For the first time the Forum programme will include cultural events aimed not only at business meeting participants but at all the people of the Crimea. One such event will be a rally of vintage cars prepared by Russian automobile clubs in which between 30 and 40 old cars will take part.

According to the Head of YIEF Foundation Andrei Nazarov, the final list of discussion topics at YIEF 2017 will be approved and presented to potential participants in January 2017. “We are in the finishing stretch,” Mr Nazarov said.

Sporting events for the participants in the business meeting will be an important part of YIEF 2017. It was first organised at YIEF II in April of 2016.

“The Forum participants are business people who lead high-stress lives, but still find time to keep in good sporting trim. We were the first among Russian hosts to organise sport competitions among the business forum participants, other leading forums held in the country have followed suit,” said Georgy Bryusov, member of the Board of YIEF Foundation and President of the New Perspective Sport Support Foundation.

Director of the Yalta International Economic Forum Foundation Sergei Lazutkin noted that each meeting of the Programme Committee is working steadily to invest the Forum progamme with substance and come up with new ideas for thematic discussions. “Each meeting progressively leads us to specifics and shapes the content of the forthcoming Forum. The members of the Programme Committee include representatives of the Republic of Crimea leadership, Russian business associations, and federal agencies representing diverse points of view. The ideas put forward at the Committee meetings are thrashed out and polished during the course of discussions. We also identify potential speakers at the forum and discussion participants. It’s a fairly tough schedule,” Mr Lazutkin said.


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