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1 November '17

Premiere of the film Scorching Chaos in Simferopol evokes great interest among the youth

Premiere of the film Scorching Chaos in Simferopol evokes great interest among the youth

The screening of the film was held on 31 October at the Musical Theatre, the city’s largest auditorium, seating over 800. Young people accounted for more than half the audience, many of them students of Crimean universities, including of the school of directors of the Crimean University of Culture, Arts, and Tourism.

In the next few days, screenings of Scorching Chaos will be arranged in Sevastopol (1 November, Centre of Culture and Arts), Yevpatoria (2 November, Pushkin Theatre), and Yalta (3 November, Chekhov Theatre).

“Russia has always come out stronger from every catastrophe than it was before. I do hope that we are living at such a time now and, after gaining sufficient strength, we will be able to restore our country and evolve from a people into a nation. We pin our hopes on young people, with their new energy and new world outlook”, Sergey Debizhev said, answering questions from the audience.

The director noted that he had created the film with a young audience in mind as his top priority, this explaining the unique author’s editing technique and rapidly changing video sequences. “I’m not trying to bring around those who have a different view of the events of 1917. Our film caters mostly for the younger generation, which does not have an established, fossilized opinion of that era. The young people I meet are capable of analyzing – they have access to information, thanks to the Internet”, Debizhev said.

The director talked to the audience for about an hour. Following the Q&A session, viewers took turns to thank the director personally for his film, exchange opinions about the events of 1917, get autographs, and take pictures with the author as mementos.