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2 November '17

Sergey Debizhev: “Our film raises the crucial question: which era to rely on in building the future of Russia”

Sergey Debizhev: “Our film raises the crucial question: which era to rely on in building the future of Russia”

The film was screened at the main 600-seat auditorium of the Centre of Culture and Arts in Sevastopol. Audiences will soon be able to see Scorching Chaos in Yevpatoria (2 November, Pushkin Theatre), and Yalta (3 November, Chekhov Theatre).

“In this film, we not only give answers to some historical questions, but also raise new ones: which historical experience should we explore in seeking our future? Which period in our history can we rely on?” Sergey Debizhev said to the Sevastopol audience after the screening. “We have a thousand-year

history and I am shocked by people who recollect the achievements of the Soviet Union while forgetting the many centuries of Russian history prior to the Soviet Union. No-one can deny the progress achieved in the USSR – in science, culture and space. These are the achievements of the Russian people. But there is the question: how would our country have developed had it not been for the Revolution? Where would it rank in the world today? The Russian Empire was developing at such a pace that it would have enjoyed a predominant position in the world by 1930. Unfortunately, that development was halted by the war and the Revolution.”

The director went on to say that, in his opinion, Russia was “at the phase of deciding on its future.” “Our country needs a vivid national idea, a clear plan for the future. To this end, we need to interpret the past, go back to it, figure it out and understand – and then move to the future”, the director said.

The author of the film added that, while working on his project, he had wished to reach out to people’s emotional side. “This is a large-scale film that runs for about two hours, which is a lot for a documentary. Yet it is made in such a way that it gets into the hearts of the sudience – it has lots of music and action”, Debizhev said.

The conversation between the director and the audience turned into a lively discussion about the causes and outcomes of the events of 1917. The residents of Sevastopol shared their opinion about the Revolution and asked Sergey Debizhev about his views on specific historical episodes and political figures of that era.