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5 November '17

Sergey Debizhev: “I’m Going to Shoot a Film in Crimea. It Will Be a Hymn to the Peninsula”

Sergey Debizhev: “I’m Going to Shoot a Film in Crimea. It Will Be a Hymn to the Peninsula”

“It will be a hymn to Crimea – its beauty, history, the people living here, so that, after the film, the whole of Russia would look at Crimea from a new perspective, so that we all understand better what a special and wonderful place this is”, Sergey Debizhev said.

The director explained that, previously, he had shot a documentary about St. Petersburg called A Hymn to a Great City, in which he tried to capture the beauty of Russia’s Northern Capital and its special “magical atmosphere”. The premiere took place in February this year. The film is sown on screens in St. Petersburg, at forums, conferences and exhibitions, and in Sapsan high-speed trains travelling from Moscow to the Northern Capital.

The film Scorching Chaos telling about the events of 1917 was created to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Revolution. Its federal premiere will be on 7 November in Moscow.

The final showing of the film in Crimea took place on Friday 3 November at the Chekhov Theatre in Yalta, in the theatre’s main hall, which seats 500. Previously, the film had been seen in Krasnoperekopsk (30 October, Palace of Culture), Simferopol (31 October, Music Theatre), Sevastopol (1 November, Culture and Art Centre), and Yevpatoria (2 November, Pushkin Theatre).

Summing up the Crimean screenings, Sergey Debizhev pointed out that, during his trip, he had taken a fresh look at Crimea. “Now, I finally see the whole picture of Crimea, its great future, I feel a new energy here”, Sergey Debizhev said. “On the whole, Crimea made an overwhelming impression. No matter how much you read, see and think from far away, until you actually come here, until you feel Crimea, until you come into direct contact – a close and sincere one – you cannot fully realise how important Crimea is to Russia.”

The director also proposed to create a permanent documentary studio in Crimea. “We shouldn’t forget the fundamental role of documentaries. They are a most powerful resource for enlightening people, shaping society’s opinions about history, culture and life in general. A documentary studio is necessary in Crimea, be it one under the Yalta Film Studio or a separate one, it doesn’t matter”, Sergey Debizhev is convinced.