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8 December '17

In 2018, Crimea will present its economic potential in China’s southern provinces

Georgy Muradov, Crimea’s Deputy Prime Minister, Permanent Presidential Representative of the Republic of Crimea: In 2018, a delegation from the Republic of Crimea will visit China and present the peninsula’s economic potential in China’s southern regions.

“The next year’s plan for international activities has already been formed. We are planning to present Crimea in China. China is large, and both northern and southern provinces are interested in Crimea. This time, we intend to go to the south of the country (eighteen months ago, we visited Beijing),” Mr. Muradov said in an interview to TASS.

In mid-May 2016, the Crimean authorities presented the region’s investment opportunities in Beijing. The visit also included a presentation of the Yalta International Economic Forum. Sergey Lazutkin, Director of the YIEF Fund, told members of the business community about the opportunities and prospects of the business platform that is one of Russia's largest business events.

Georgy Muradov has not ruled out the possibility of presenting in 2018 Crimea’s economic potential in other Asian countries, for instance, in Mongolia, where business is strongly interested in working on the peninsula “after electing a new president.”

“We also have the CIS promoting direction, in particular, the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union. We are talking primarily Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, where we would like to hold, as a minimum, round tables on promoting our tourism potential, on attracting investment into Crimea’s economy,” the Permanent Presidential Representative of the Republic of Crimea added.

He also said that the largest group of foreign guests expected in 2018 would visit the region to attend the Yalta International Economic Forum to be held on April 19–21. “We plan to invite no fewer than 250 foreign guests and no fewer than 2,000 Russian participants. Maybe this figure will be higher,” Mr. Muradov specified.

He has also reminded his audience that every year, the peninsula receives between 80 and 100 foreign delegations. “These are delegations of various types: public figures, politicians, MPs, members of local authorities, entrepreneurs. For the last three years, we had between 80 and 100 delegations a year,” Crimea’s Deputy Prime Minister said.

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