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25 December '17

Representatives of the management of the Chinese concern SINOMACH will visit YIEF-2018

Representatives of the management of the Chinese concern SINOMACH will visit YIEF-2018

 “Representatives of the management of the China National Machinery Industry Corporation SINOMACH will become the participants of the IV Yalta International Economic Forum (YIEF), which will take place on April 19–21, 2018”, the Presidential Commissioner of the Russian Federation for Entrepreneurs' Rights Boris Titov has announced.

"There was a large Russian-Chinese forum which has coincided with the biggest exhibition in the world of small business, holding in Guangzhou. We presented an opportunity to arrive to the Yalta International Economic Forum and faced with the big interest. We are waiting for the key guest the largest company in China on release of machine-building production of SINOMACH. The Сhairman of the Board of the company heads the Russian-Chinese Business Council from the Chinese side. They are interested in cooperation on various directions: in power industry, in agriculture and agricultural mechanical engineering, in the construction of roads and in production of the road equipment. They go the YIEF-2018 as the key guest and carry with themselves a big delegation", Mr. Titov told at the meeting of the Programme Committee of YIEF on December 22 in the Hotel National in Moscow.

The Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation on development of the Internet German Klimenko has announced that the representatives of the largest Russian Internet companies can take part in YIEF. “I will try to regulate that representatives of digital economy such as Yandex, Rambler, Mail.ru and many other divisions will be presented at this forum,” Mr. Klimenko said. He reported that within the Business YIEF-2018 programme it is also planned to hold the thematic discussions devoted to technologies of blockchain and to cybersport.

The Director of YIEF Fund Sergey Lazutkin has mentioned about development of cooperation of the forum with the State Space Corporation ROSCOSMOS. "On YIEF-2017 they have acted as the organizers of one of the sections. Next year Roskosmos, probably, will become one of the key partners of the forum, will present the stand and also prepare the section about space technologies and an international cooperation", Mr. Lazutkin explained.

The Director of YIEF Fund has reported also about the course of the invitation company and other aspects of technical training of the forum. “We have already sent more than 4 thousand invitations to representatives of the Russian business, heads of the companies and public associations", Sergey Lazutkin said. Mr Lazutkin added that representatives of business who wish to take part in YIEF, but haven't received the invitation yet, can leave the application on the official site of YIEF to the address forumyalta.com.

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The Yalta International Economic Forum (YIEF) is an annual international business event centered on economics and held in Crimea.

The Forum's organizers are the Government of the Crimean Republic and The Yalta International Economic Forum Foundation, with the support of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation.

Among the visitors of YIEF-2017, which took place over 20th to 22h April, were over 2200 people – including  more than 200 international participants from 46 different countries.  The largest foreign delegation at the forum was formed by the representatives of Italy — more than 50 people represented it.

The Programme of the YIEF-2017 featured 35 business events: 25 topical discussions, the grand session on construction development and key event of the Forum – the Plenary Session, divided into 3 blocks: “World”, “Country” and “Human”. The part “World” was devoted to analyzing economic environment in Russia through the eyes of international businesspersons. Participants of the Plenary session considered the place of Russia in the world economy, collaboration experience with the RF as business partners and discussed opportunities for foreign investors in Russia. Block “Country” featured outlook of an innovative economy formation in Russia, complying with demands of future. “Human” part disclosed social and environmental issues.

Agreement and memorandums on the total value of over 100 billion rubles were concluded within the YIEF-2017.


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