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28 December '17

New airways terminal in Simferopol will be a drive for big investment projects in Crimea

New airways terminal in Simferopol will be a drive for big investment projects in Crimea

Investment agreement on construction new airways terminal in Simferopol airport was signed in April, 2016 within II Yalta International Economic Forum. Successful change to final stage of construction confirms the fact that Crimea has pleasant environment for big business and realization of remarkable investment projects.

 Construction of a new airways terminal is the biggest commercial project, attracting private funds, that have been realized in Crimea – more than 32-bln rubles – record sum for Crimea and good indicator within nation-wide scale. One more distinction is tight timeline of construction – says. The Director of the YIEF Foundation, Sergey Lazutkin.

YIEF Foundation expects that the example of the airways terminal successful construction will influence on business leaders, which despite of a great investment potential, still not started to work on the peninsula.  

“This is a great positive example, success story, to influence a majority of business leaders. Large companies pay attention to risk treatment. There are a number of potential investors, who understand the advantages of Crimea, but still have doubts, is there good conditions for effective work, is it possible to implement project according to the schedule? Now we have answers for these questions, proved by background. We assume that positive experience of Simferopol airport will push doubting businessmen and will drive investments to Crimea – not only Russian but foreign” – said Mr. Lazutkin.

He also expressed the hope that new airways terminal will become an important infrastructure development cause for Crimea. “Among large-scale Crimean infrastructure projects such as ”Tavrida” motorway, Crimean bridge, powerful conventional thermal power station, new terminal is the first to final stage of realization. The building is one of the first fragments of a Crimea of tomorrow, - commented the Director of the YIEF Foundation.  

Sergey Lazutkin emphasized that successful construction of the terminal is one of confirmation of the Forum’s success. “The biggest investment project, declared in Yalta, became real. This is a great occasion, the result of the Forum’s work” – said Mr. Lazutkin.

He also reminded about realization of other investment projects, presented on the Forum. “Big greenhouse complex GK Gorkunov in Belgorodksy region has started its built-up, Riviera company completed preparations for construction multi-functional complex in Evpatoria,” – listed out Sergey Lazutkin.

Majority of presented within the Forum investment projects are implementing with a high speed, says the companies’ CEOs. “We forerun the calendar plan of the projects”, - resumed director of Invest Alko company, Alyona Plenkina – “In spring 2017 the company landed 337 hectares of vineyards. We are on the first place in the rating of Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Crimea. We also forerun creation of jobs – 130 jobs with salary 20% higher than in average Russian in the sector. Next year we will go on landing vineyards and have already brought first car of planting stock. Now we meliorate vineyards – this are our plans for 2018”.

Yulia Smirnova, Director General of the Riviera LLC, which is an initiator of multi-functional recreation and entertainment center and residential compound in Yevpatoria. “For now we have finished projecting. We have license for construction and afther the New Year will start it” – said Ms. Smirnova.

Krymstroy LLC continues its preparation for implementing investment project of a hyge
stock breeding complex, declared within the Forum. “We are documenting land plots and
engineering documentation,” – commented Director General of the company Olga Aleksandrova. – We have worked with heads of districts and specified where stock breeding complex will be located, analyzed every detail and become sure that these plots are supplied with water, gas and electricity”.

YIEF 2016 and YIEF 2017 featured agreements and memorandums for the total sum of 170 blm rubles. Biggest investment projects are:

  1. An agreement between the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea and the KRYMINVESTSTROY Corporation for the building of a livestock rearing centre stated to produce 30,000 pigs and 4800 head of cattle per year, along with the production of combined fodder for these animals, plus facilities to process the milk and meat. (18 billion roubles)
  2. A memorandum of cooperation between the Council of Ministers of the Crimean Republic and the GKG (Gorbunov Group of Companies) corporation, for the building of a major greenhouse complex (a cluster to produce and process vegetables in indoor facilities) (18 billion roubles)
  3. An agreement between the Council of Ministers of the Crimean Republic and the Chernomorskaya Agrobusiness Corporation, for the creation of a multi-profile meat-processing cluster (9 billion roubles)
  4. A contract between the Karelprirodresource Corporation (a division of the VAD Group) and the Union of Roadbuilders for the provision of raw buildings materials required to build the Tavrida Highway. (8 billion roubles)
  5. A memorandum of cooperation between the Council of Ministers of the Crimean Republic, the Municipal Education section of Evpatoria, and the Riviera Corporation in the sphere of construction of a multifunctional, recreational and curative, and residential housing complex. (6 billion roubles).

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