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25 January '18

Director of the YIEF Foundation invites the Mayor of Modena, Italy, to the Forum

Director of the YIEF Foundation invites the Mayor of Modena, Italy, to the Forum

Representatives of the Yalta International Economic Forum Foundation travelled to Modena in Emilia Romagna, Italy, on a business visit. Sergei Lazutkin, Director of the YIEF Foundation, met with Gian Carlo Muzzarelli, Mayor of Modena, and invited him to attend the 4th YIEF in Yalta on 19–21 April.

Mr. Lazutkin described to the Mayor of Modena Crimea’s economic potential and the opportunities the Yalta International Economic Forum affords as an international cooperation venue. He also emphasized that Italian politicians and representatives of Italy’s regional authorities have been taking active part in the YIEF for the last three years and Italy’s delegation becomes more numerous every year. Mr. Muzzarelli thanked Mr. Lazutkin for the invitation and said he would consider attending YIEF in consideration of his work schedule.

The YIEF Foundation will help organize the Russian Evenings International Arts Festival in Modena from 29 April to 1 May. The Festival organized by the Festival&Contest association with the support of the Modena Mayoral Administration will introduce the city residents to Russia’s culture and its economy. The festival programme features performances by Oleg Vinogradov’s ballet troupe, which toured three Crimean cities in the summer of 2017 with YIEF Foundation support. Modena’s authorities will give the Festival the city’s best venues, such as Teatro Storchi and Teatro Pavarotti.

The Russian Evenings Festival has been held since 2014 on the initiative of Armando Ginesi, Russia’s Honourary Consul in Ancona, and the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Italy. The Festivals are held both in Italy and Russia; the upcoming event will be the sixth. The Festival will use the universal language of art to emphasize the friendly relations between Russia and Italy.

This year, the Festival format will be expanded to include business events for members of Italy’s business community. Investors, entrepreneurs and top managers of Italian companies will learn about Russia’s economic potential and development, about opportunities for cooperation, investment and joint ventures. The business programme will feature presentations of Russia’s biggest business forums, including the Yalta International Economic Forum.