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8 February '18

Georgy Muradov: “Crimea invites German entrepreneurs to YIEF 2018”

Georgy Muradov: “Crimea invites German entrepreneurs to YIEF 2018”

At a meeting with the delegation from Germany’s regional parliaments, Georgy Muradov, Crimea’s Deputy Prime Minister, Permanent Presidential Envoy to the Republic of Crimea, said that the Crimean authorities invited German entrepreneurs to invest in the peninsula’s economy and attend the 4th Yalta International Economic Forum on 19–21 April. 

“We invite all our friends to visit Crimea. Tell your entrepreneurs that, in April in Yalta, we are holding one of Russia’s biggest economic forums. I am confident they will find a great number of interesting projects here”, TASS quotes Mr. Muradov at the meeting held in Simferopol on 6 February.

He also emphasized that Crimea had a free economic zone; the region has created attractive conditions for investment and business projects. “In Crimea, we have a large number of benefits and preferences that make business in Crimea very attractive. That is why dozens and even hundreds of entrepreneurs from Germany and other countries come to Crimea. We are very much interested in establishing economic cooperation with German companies”, RIA Novosti information agency quotes Mr. Muradov as saying.

Muradov noted that Crimea was interested in cooperation in culture, healthcare, tourism and leisure. He added that Crimea’s residents would be happy “to welcome another million German tourists.” By year-end 2017, Crimea had been visited by about six million people, including tourists from Italy, China, Germany and other countries.

The delegation of MPs from Germany’s three regional parliaments (North Rhine-Westphalia, Berlin, and Baden-Württemberg) arrived in Crimea on 3 February. MPs from Alternative for Germany (Alternative für Deutschland, the third-biggest party in the Bundestag) plan to discuss having the western sanctions lifted and Crimea recognised as part of Russia. The German delegation will stay in Crimea until 9 February.

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