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19 March '18

Media accreditation to the 4th Yalta International Economic Forum is open

Media accreditation to the 4th Yalta International Economic Forum is open

We invite media members to cover the work of the 4th Yalta International Economic Forum (YIEF) on 19–21 April 2018.

To attend, please submit your accreditation application in advance by filling out the form on the YIEF official website at http://reg.forumyalta.com/register/media/?langswitch=ru.

The Yalta International Economic Forum (YIEF) has been held since 2015. Over the three years since its inception, the Forum has consolidated its status as one of Russia’s four biggest business events. YIEF is a cutting-edge, efficient, international venue for the dialogue between business and the authorities, for discussing aspects of Russia’s economic development, scenarios for international economic cooperation and for realising the economic potential of the Republic of Crimea and of Sevastopol.

The 4th YIEF is titled “The Future of the World. The Future of Russia.” The discussions at the Forum will focus on global politics and economics, on seeking answers to the new challenges, on working out rapid development scenarios for Russia and Crimea.

Owners and top managers of Russian and foreign companies, politicians from various countries, Russian Government ministers, heads of Russian regions, the leaders of the Republic of Crimea and of the city of Sevastopol, and Crimean entrepreneurs will attend the Forum.

More than three thousand people, including over 300 foreign participants from no fewer than 50 countries are expected to attend YIEF 2018. Euro-MPs, members of the German and Austrian national parliaments, politicians from Italy, France and other European countries are expected to participate. The Chinese delegation will be one of the most representative groups of foreign guests.

Representatives from Germany and Austria will form the Forum’s biggest international delegation, made up of more than 50 politicians, business people, public figures and experts. The delegation’s members will enjoy YIEF 2018 honoured guest status. Among the Russian regions, Moscow and the Moscow Region will send the biggest and most representative delegation, consisting of members of the authorities, entrepreneurs and investors.

Russian Government ministers, heads of federal agencies, governors, State Duma deputies, leading economists from Russia and other countries and top managers of major companies will be the Forum’s speakers and participants. Top managers of Russia’s biggest state corporations will take part in the Forum. Members of Russia’s major Internet companies, including Yandex, Rambler and Mail.ru, are also expected to attend.

Business programme

The Forum’s business programme features more than 30 events. Compared to last year, the programme has been expanded to include discussions on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, on developing the economic co-operation between Moscow and Crimea, and on the prospects for developing yachting in Crimea.

At the Forum’s sessions, the participants will discuss, among other things:

  • developing winegrowing and winemaking in Russia;
  • positioning and developing cybersports;
  • combating the spread of fake news;
  • Crimea’s development strategy through to 2030;
  • the programme for creating the Republic of Crimea’s image.

The YIEF programme also includes traditional discussions of developing the principal sectors of Crimea’s economy, individual meetings by the Republic of Crimea’s leaders with investors on the Forum’s concluding day. Agreements, contracts and memoranda will be signed on the YIEF’s sidelines.

The first Yalta Conference
For the first time, YIEF 2018 will feature the international Yalta Conference held at the Livadia Palace, the venue of the historic 1945 Crimean conference. The Yalta Conference will be an annual event dedicated to global politics issues. The first Yalta Conference will focus on Syria’s economic and political revival after the civil war.

Friends of Crimea Forum
The Friends of Crimea Forum will also be part of the YIEF 2018 business programme. This is an annual meeting of the Friends of Crimea International Association, a public association for using the methods of public diplomacy to restore constructive cooperation between Russia and the West and to establish comprehensive cross-border ties involving the Republic of Crimea. The Association was established in Yalta in November 2017. Its participants include politicians, public figures, business people and intellectuals. The Association has branches in 30 countries.
At the Friends of Crimea Forum, members of the public association will analyse the results of their work since the Association was established and will set down plans for the next year.

YIEF International Expert Council

Plans for YIEF 2018 involve establishing a standing Yalta International Economic Forum International Expert Council. The Council will bring together economists, political scientists, business people and politicians from more than 20 countries and will work on a range of subjects, including improvement of Crimea’s international image, Crimea’s integration into the global economy, transition to a digital economy and related challenges.

Political scientists and economic experts from Italy, France, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, China, Syria, Lebanon and CIS countries have agreed to take part in the Council’s activities. Professionals from Israel, Great Britain, Japan, and Singapore are also expected to participate.
At YIEF 2018, Council members will start developing scenarios for Syria’s post-war economic and political revival.

Exhibition of the Republic of Crimea’s Economic Potential
YIEF 2018 will feature an exhibition of the biggest infrastructure and investment projects currently being implemented and offered for implementation in the Republic of Crimea and in Sevastopol. At the exhibition, authorities of both regions will present investment sites and proposals for potential investors. The exhibition will also feature projects the Forum’s partner companies are implementing in Crimea and beyond.

Contact information for media accreditation and to set up interviews with YIEF participants:

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Еmail: media@forumyalta.com, www.forumyalta.com

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