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20 March '18

Sergey Aksyonov holds the penultimate meeting of the 4th YIEF Organizing Committee

Sergey Aksyonov holds the penultimate meeting of the 4th YIEF Organizing Committee

Sergey Aksyonov, Head of the Republic of Crimea and Chairman of the 4th YIEF Organizing Committee, has held a meeting of the Committee for preparing and holding the 4th Yalta International Economic Forum.

The participants discussed approving the 4th Yalta International Economic Forum programme, preparing the cultural programme, participation by foreign delegations and preparation of international sessions. In addition, they raised issues of information assistance and presentation activities at the 4th YIEF.

In his opening remarks, Sergey Aksyonov noted that this was the penultimate meeting on preparing and holding the upcoming YIEF.

The Head of the Republic of Crimea added that unresolved logistics issues needed to be analysed and dealt with and every step taken to hold a constructive event.

In addition, Sergey Aksyonov said that the Forum expected a large number of foreign guests. “We expect a large number of participants, including foreign ones. I don’t want to make any announcements because we have a separate programme for foreign guests. Nonetheless, their group will be more representative than at previous forums”, Mr Aksyonov said.

Andrey Nazarov, co-chairman of the YIEF 2018 Organizing Committee and of the Business Russia All-Russia Public Organisation, spoke next on the dominant concept of the 4th Yalta International Economic Forum. Business events will be held on 19, 20 and 21 April 2018. The main aspect of the Forum’s concept consists in forecasting the socioeconomic development of the world and of Russia and its various regions. New economic sessions, such as “Digital Economy” and others, will be added to the Forum’s regular programme. “The Future of the World. The Future of Russia” is the Forum’s focus.

Youth Days on 17 and 18 April will feature literary events and open lectures broadcast online via a special mobile app. “We have several new co-organisers, such as The Council of Young Diplomats, the Youth Parliament, and other influential Russian youth organisations that will help promote significantly the status of our youth events”, Mr Nazarov said.

Members of China’s business community are interested in assembling blockchain equipment in Crimea, Georgy Muradov, Crimea’s Deputy Prime Minister and Permanent Presidential Representative of the Republic of Crimea, reported at the meeting.

“We’ve been contacted by Chinese investors working with blockchain technologies. They have substantial financial resources”, Mr Muradov said. “As a pilot project, they would like to sign an agreement on assembling blockchain equipment at our science park. We already have industrial parks planned and we should start establishing them soon. This is hi-tech electronic equipment they could assemble taking advantage of the conditions offered by the Free Economic Zone in Crimea.”

Mr Muradov suggested that signing of international documents on implementing such projects should be planned on the Forum’s sidelines. “It could be a memorandum on cooperation in blockchain technologies”, he said, noting that he believed this to be an important and promising area of cooperation.

Rustam Muratov, Vice President of the All-Russia Public Organization “Delovaya Rossiya”, Sargis Mirzakhanyan, Head of the 4th YIEF Information Assistance and Presentation Activities Committee, and others also spoke at the meeting.

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