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2 February '17

Roscosmos is looking to organize a discussion focusing on the promotion of space technology in Russia and globally at YIEF-2017

The Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities is planning to organize a section discussion focusing on the development of space technology at III Yalta International Economic Forum (YIEF). The agreement was reached at a meeting between representatives of the Roscosmos administration and the Yalta International Economic Forum Foundation.

“We are planning to invite foreign partners to participate in the section on space issues. We would like to address Russian programs along with the development of space activities globally. We are looking to discuss trends, prospects, possible risks, and constraining factors,” Sergey Saveliev, Roscosmos deputy director general for international cooperation, said at the meeting.

Executive director for Roscosmos manned programs cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev spoke about plans to involve the Russian cosmonauts who were born and raised in Crimea in YIEF 2017.

“Crimea contributed enormously to the development of national cosmonautics. The peninsula used to have some of the critical facilities of the space infrastructure, and cosmonauts were trained here. As part of the upcoming forum, we are planning to organize a photo show celebrating the 60th anniversary of the space era with Roscosmos’s support,” Mr. Krikalev said.

For his part, Sergey Lazutkin, director of the YIEF Foundation, said that the section centered on the promotion of space technology is expected to be held on 20 April, on the first day of YIEF 2017. The discussion will take place at the main venue of the Forum at the MRIYA RESORT&SPA Hotel.

“At YIEF 2017, we are also planning to discuss prospects of long-term partnership between the Yalta International Economic Forum Foundation and the Roscosmos State Corporation,” said Mr. Lazutkin. “Specifically, we will explore cooperation possibilities for the next year. The engagement with one of the largest state corporations that is successfully competing in the global market for space technology, working in the forefront of science, and employing cutting-edge solutions  that are frequently unique on a global scale will become a crucial step forward for the Forum. We hope this will draw additional attention to YIEF and encourage representatives of foreign business communities to participate in the Yalta meeting.”

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