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22 April '18

The eleventh issue of the "Business Crimea" magazine has been published

The eleventh issue of the "Business Crimea" magazine has been published

The eleventh issue of the magazine "Business Crimea", which is published with the support of the Yalta International Economic Forum Foundation, has got to distribution points.

The main theme of the issue — "Crimea, open to the world" - series of interviews with foreign citizens implementing business projects on the Peninsula. Characters of the section were Cedric Bell (Canada, the organization of exhibitions and business events, publishing business), Roberto Lalli (Italy, manufacturing and selling ice cream), Aravamudan Chakrapani (India, oilseed crops), Willy Martens (Germany, dairy and beef farming), Slaviš Karbalevich (Kosovo, restaurant business).

The issue presents the heading "Business sites of Russia" for the first time, and it will become permanent in the future. The articles in this section describe major business events — the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi and the upcoming St. Petersburg International Economic Forum; their work is covered by "Business Crimea" in the status of an information partner.

The issue is opened by the text on the development of Crimea after reunification with Russia and on major infrastructure projects implemented in the region under the control of Russian President Vladimir Putin. "The construction of the Crimean bridge and route “Tavrida”, the reconstruction of the airport “Simferopol” and the main gas pipelines, the energy bridge and new thermal power plants are the basis for further economic development. Powerful infrastructure projects are the foundation of the next stage of transformation, they create conditions for the emergence of new industries, new jobs and income growth," the article says. Statements of the President of the Russian Federation on plans for the development of Crimea and the data on actual implementation of the initiatives of the head of state are made in the form of factboxes "Said" and "Done". The photo of Vladimir Putin is placed on the cover of the issue.

"Less than 50 days remain before the road traffic on the largest bridge in Russia and Europe" – this line starts a series of publications on the construction of the Crimean bridge across the Kerch Strait. Head of Rosavtodor, Roman Starovoit reported in an exclusive interview with "Business Crimea" that in the first year of work of the Crimean bridge the flow of vehicles between Kuban and Crimea could grow by 35 – 40 %. "Then the growth rate will stabilize and will be about 10 – 15% annually, so that by 2025 the road flow between Crimea and Kuban will average about 20 thousand cars every day," said the head of the Federal Road Agency.

The Crimean bridge will simplify the movement of labor resources, it will increase the attractiveness of Crimea for investors. Such opinion was expressed by the President of the public organization of small and medium business "Opora Russia" Aleksandr Kalinin. "In Krasnodar region and Rostov oblast — densely populated regions — there is clearly an excess of labor, and many residents of Russia would be happy to work in the summer in Crimea, as they are now working in Sochi," — says Mr. Kalinin.

Next section of the journal is photo project "The Main Entrance to Crimea", which tells about the characteristic of the new airport complex "Simferopol". During the first 6 months of construction of the terminal 100 thousand m3 of concrete was poured - this is five times more than used for the foundation and trunk of Ostankino Tower. Around 7 thousand tons of steel structures were installed at the facility - only 300 tons less than the amount of metal used for the construction of Eiffel Tower. On the forecourt of the new terminal there is a landscape Park with an area of 11 hectares - this is 1 hectare more than the Alexander Garden near the walls of the Kremlin of Moscow, and 2 hectares less than the Zaryadye Park. The baggage system of the terminal allows to handle up to 4,800 pieces of Luggage per hour, or 13 suitcases and 10 seconds. In the peak season, the airport will serve more than 35 thousand people a day - the population of the European state of Liechtenstein.

"Operational readiness-60 %" - the text under this heading tells about the construction of a bypass road around Simferopol. Four-lane highway cost 6,14 billion rubles will be ready by 31 August of the current year, informed Andrey Morotskiy, the General Director of Group of companies "Sibavtoban" (Novosibirsk), which is in fact the project's General contractor.

The Tavricheskaya TPP built in Simferopol is designed with the possibility of installing a third power unit with a capacity of 327 megawatts, Deputy Minister of energy of the Russian Federation Andrey Cherezov told Business Crimea. "In case some large electricity consumer in the region still appears — and I admit it — we have provided for the possibility of increasing own generation in Crimea. At the Simferopol TPP there is a place for the installation of the third power unit, which will give additional 235 megawatts. It is also possible to modernize the Kamysh-Burunskaya thermal power station in Kerch to issue 100 megawatts," said Mr. Cherezov.

An article titled "Three years of the Crimean Free Economic Zone (FEZ): 1.7 thousand residents and 125 billion rubles of investments" tells about the work of the free economic zone created in Crimea. "In the Republic of Crimea for three years FEZ participants have invested in the implementation of their projects more than 45.9 billion rubles, which allowed to create about 24.4 thousand workplaces," the publication says. The main indicators of the free economic zone and the distribution of FEZ participants by business areas are presented in the format of infographics.

The exclusive interview of the Governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov continues the issue in the section "Top Officials". The head of the region told "Business Crimea" about the branches of large Russian industrial enterprises created in the city, the growth of investments and development plans by 2020.

Bundestag Deputy Waldemar Gerdt said that the policy of sanctions against Russia and Crimea loses the support of political circles in Germany.

"Guess that if next vote in the Bundestag  is secret, the sanctions will be lifted," — said the Deputy in an interview with "Business Crimea". He also said that there is "a huge field of activity in all directions" for German business in Crimea. "Agriculture, renewable energy, autonomous ecovillages, road construction, civil industrial construction and especially tourism", listed Mr. Gerdt.

The section "Top Officials" continues the conversation with the President of the chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation Sergey Katyrin. He emphasized the plans to legislate the family business in Russia and pointed out the importance of such a step for Crimea. "Agriculture is the most important part of the economic complex of Crimea, its share in national income is about 35 %, — said Mr. Katyrin. — Expansion of the base of enterprises engaged in agriculture is one of the priority directions of development of the region. Agro-industrial complex is a traditional sphere of activity for the family business, so the creation of the most comfortable conditions for its management and the increase in the share of family companies will give a new impetus to the development of the economy of Crimea".

"Russians began to relate better to businessmen", - this heading starts an interview with the General Director of VCIOM Valeriy Fedorov. "Three-quarters of citizens (74 %) say that the activities of entrepreneurs are beneficial to people. The main benefit from business Russians see in increasing employment by creating jobs (28 %), as well as the replenishment of the state budget (13%), increasing availability (12%) and the range of goods and services (10%)", listed Mr. Fedorov.

Head of Russiatourism Oleg Safonov in an exclusive interview to "Business Crimea" told about the necessity to create preferences for hotel business in Crimea at the regional level in order not to be outplayed by foreign tourist destinations such as Egypt and Turkey. Head of Russiatourism focused on the pending tourism sector "soft legalization". "For full legalization of the shadow hospitality sector in Crimea may need 3 – 5 years. It is possible to provide tax holidays to entrepreneurs, as well as other benefits and preferences," the head of Russiatourism said.

In the section "Investment Project" there is a story about the company "invest-ALCO" ("Invest-Alko"), which intends in the coming years to increase the planting of new vineyards to an area of more than 1 thousand hectares, investing more than 1 billion rubles in the development. Another hero of the section — the company "Crimea-Pharming", which ranks first in terms of milk production in Crimea (66% of the all-Crimean indicator among agricultural organizations). The company plans to increase the number of cows to 6 thousand, create a breeding nursery and does not exclude expansion to other regions of Russia.

"My goal is to make Artek the best in the world," Director of the international children's center Aleksey Kasprzhak claimed to “Business Crimea” magazine. "We are just looking for a new image, a new format of the school “Artek”. This project would not be meaningful and interesting without such an ambitious task. You can build a lot of beautiful houses, but the main thing that attracts children is the environment that was created. If the school does not change, but simply reproduces the experience of past generations, it is not interesting to study in it. Any business changes over time, otherwise it degrades and is forced out of the market. And the school should act in the same way in order to prepare the child not to what was yesterday, but to what will be tomorrow," Mr. Kasprzhak is assured. The conversation with the camp Director was published in the section "Crimea Officials”.

Under the title "Crimean Source of Russian Orthodoxy" there is information about the Crusade of Vladimir the Great to Crimea, the siege of Byzantine Chersonesus and the baptismal service of the Prince. The article "Trails of Crimea" in the section "Journey" tells about the most picturesque hiking routes for spring walks. The section "Culture" is devoted to the life and work of the wonderful landscape painter Apollinariy Vasnetsov.

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