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23 April '18

Results of IV Yalta International Economic Forum

Results of IV Yalta International Economic Forum

Over 3122 participants have attended the IV Yalta International Economic Forum, including 612 foreign participants from 71 countries, such as Great Britain, Poland, Ukraine, USA, Australia, Canada, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, Norway, Czech Republic and other countries . Three members of the European Parliament have also attended the YIEF-2018.

For the first time, delegations from Belgium, Iceland, Mexico, Jordan and more than 20 countries of the African Union have attended the Forum. It was represented by 50 persons, including 25 parliamentarians, political party leaders, high-level officials, renowned experts and entrepreneurs from Mali, Niger, Lesotho, Morocco, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Senegal, South Africa, Benin, Chad, the Republic of the Congo, Uganda and other countries of the African continent.

Delegations of two Austrian and German countries - more than 70 businessmen and politicians, including the deputies of the Bundestag of Germany and the National Council of Austria - became honorary guests of the IV YIEF.

Business Programme

On April 19-21, 67 events, including 46 business sessions and 3 plenary sessions "Visioning Youth", "The Future of Russia" and "The Future of the World" were held on the sidelines of the IV YIEF.

During the thematic sessions,  speakers,  including 300 Russian and 70 foreign, have discussed the prospects for the development of tourism, construction, winemaking, free economic zones, cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, international and interregional cooperation, mechanisms to counter fake news, issues of Russia's future economic policy, digital security, availability of financial services for business.

In addition, the participants discussed topical issues of urban infrastructure development, personnel support for industrial growth, as well as the current state and prospects for sustainable development of the global economic system and international cooperation with Russia.

Traditionally, a significant part of the program was devoted to the development of the Crimean region. Participants discussed the Strategy for the development of Crimea until 2030, examined the possibilities of introducing the Crimean standard, options for developing the brand of the peninsula and integrating the region into global trade. To the 180th anniversary of Yalta, the specialized session "Yalta - Territory of Friendship" was also held on the agenda.

Over 296 young parliamentarians and leaders of youth associations and organizations from 36 countries took part at YIEF Youth Day, which was held on the eve of the Forum on April 18th.

Media at the Forum

Interest in the Forum is growing not only from the side of the participants, but also from the mass media. If its work was covered by 250 media representatives last year, this time more than 400 journalists from 100 Russian and foreign editions and TV channels have been working on the venue. For the first time, large foreign media holdings have become the international information partners of YIEF. The number of official media partners has almost doubled to 50.

International volunteer movement of YIEF

One of the important events of the Forum was the establishment of the international volunteer movement of the Yalta International Economic Forum.

The participants have agreed to facilitate the establishment of direct links and regular cooperation of young people with representatives of public organizations, the business community and states in order to exchange experience and information on a wide range of issues of mutual interest, including in the field of economic policy.


More than 70 agreements and memorandums were signed on the sidelines of IV YIEF to a total value of over 162 billion roubles. Among them:

The Crimean-Syrian cooperation - 62 billion rubles.

Business to Business signed agreements -  42 billion rubles.

Agreements and memorandums signed by the Council of Ministers of Crimea - 58 billion rubles.

A number of agreements were signed behind closed doors. One of the key investment agreements were: the establishment of a trading-exhibition complex "Bazar", the construction of trade and exhibition complex, establishment and development of modern highly efficient agricultural production on the basis of the former military farm "Gurzufsky", the construction of a dairy goat breeding complex for 8000 forage goats and organization of milk processing, the construction of a plant for the production of glass, the construction of a logistics complex, the construction of a hotel at the airport in Simferopol and others.

By industry:

- Construction and supply of construction materials - 29 billion rubles

- Tourism and recreation - 28 billion rubles

- Agriculture - 26 billion rubles

- Industry - 34 billion rubles

- Other - 43 billion rubles

In addition, within the framework of the presentation of the Moscow-Crimean entrepreneurs partnership project "Business Hub Moscow-Crimea", agreements were signed, in particular, between the Ministry of resorts and tourism of the Republic of Crimea and the Association for assistance in the development and promotion of cultural and gastronomic tourism, as well as B2B agreements between the capital and Crimean companies.

An agreement on cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Crimea and the Government of the Republic of South Ossetia was also signed within the framework of the Forum.

 I Yalta conference "Economic development of Syria"

The first Yalta conference "Economic development of Syria" was held on the sidelines of the Forum with the participation of a large government delegation from the Syrian Arab Republic under the leadership of the Minister of economy and foreign trade of the Syrian Arab Republic Samer Al-Khalil.

The Syrian delegation at the YIEF consisted of 11 persons from the Syrian Government and 70 representatives of the business community. They were joined by Syrians, living in Russia and other countries, as well as employees of the Syrian Arab Republic Embassy in Russia headed by Ambassador Riyadh Haddad.  Thus, the total number of the delegation was almost 100 people.

Syrian participants of the Forum presented all sectors of the Syrian economy, including:

  • agriculture;
  • extraction of minerals;
  • manufacturing industry;

* production and distribution of electricity, gas and water;

  • construction;
  • trade;
  • transport and communications;
  • financial activity;
  • tourism;
  • other sectors.

 The following agreements were signed:

  1. Decision to establish a joint Russian-Syrian enterprise;
  2. Agreement on the establishment of a Russian-Syrian Grain hub;
  3. Memorandum on development of oil and gas fields in the offshore zone;
  4. Agreement between the Ministry of economy and foreign trade of the Syrian Arab Republic, the public organization "Business Russia" and the transport shipping company "Sovfracht" on the establishment of long-term cooperation and promotion of socially important business projects;
  5. Agreement between the Ministry of economy and foreign trade of the Syrian Arab Republic on cooperation with the footwear company ZENDEN.

On the sidelines of the Forum a sister-city arrangement between Yalta and Latakia and the first Memorandum on interregional cooperation between the Syrian province of Latakia (SAR) and the Republic of Crimea (Russia) were signed.

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