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26 May '18

The "IT Crimea" company will invest more than 1 billion rubles in the establishment of the technopark of information technologies in Sevastopol

Governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov and general director of the "IT Crimea" company Dmitry Gachko on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) signed an agreement on the establishment of the first IT-technopark in Sevastopol - technopark of information technologies. The total investment in the project is more than 1 billion rubles, the first stage of the technopark will begin to work in the autumn of this year.

The governor of Sevastopol, Dmitry Ovsyannikov, stressed that the project of the IT-technopark is a priority for the region and the government of Sevastopol is ready to support the investor in creating the necessary communal and energy infrastructure. "The information technology industry in Sevastopol has always been represented at a high level. Our universities train great specialists, many of whom work in the format of outsourcing with European companies. Colleagues got to the point, decided to create an infrastructure for company placing in our city. First of all, these are new opportunities, of course, for Sevastopol residents," Mr. Ovsyannikov said, quoted by the press service of the Sevastopol government.

Staff training for the IT-technopark will be fulfilled by the Sevastopol State University, in which the Department of Computational Technologies is already established.

General director of the company-investor "IT Crimea" Dmitry Gachko shared his plans to make the technopark in Sevastopol one of the leading centers of the IT industry in Russia. "Sevastopol fully meets the criteria necessary for effective work and development," said Mr. Gachko. 

To implement the project, the investor purchased in Sevastopol a 14-storey building of the former design bureau of radio communications. The main building of the technopark for 900 workplaces is planned to be opened after major repairs in the autumn of this year. Then, the company-investor intends to put three more buildings into operation, in which additional working spaces will be created, as well as a prototyping laboratory, conference halls, sports infrastructure and apartments to accommodate the specialists involved.

Today, there are about 20 companies in IT field in Sevastopol and about 1000 specialists in the industry. The strategy of social and economic development of the city until 2030 is focused on creating up to 5,000 new jobs in this industry and attracting at least 15 billion rubles of investments.


The Government of the Republic of Crimea and the largest bank in the region, RNCB (Russian National Commercial Bank), have concluded an agreement on the sidelines of SPIEF on launching the "Crimean citizen's card" project, which will allow paying for public transport. Cooperation agreements were also signed with Bryansk Oblast and Zabaykalsky Krai, the Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation.

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