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14 October '16

Italian delegation arrives in Crimea - to establish town-twinning relations, for business negotiations, and to study the business climate

Italian delegation arrives in Crimea - to establish town-twinning relations, for business negotiations, and to study the business climate

A large-scale delegation, consisting of Italian MPs from Italian regional government and representatives of the Italian business community has arrived in Crimea. During their visit, which will last until 16th October, a series of Accords will be signed between the Veneto Region and the Republic of Crimea, and similarly between the City of Simferopol and the City of Padua. The delegation members will be meeting the leading authorities in the Crimea Republic, and holding discussions with representatives of Crimea's business community.

The trip organisers from the Russian side are the Yalta International Economic Forum Foundation and the Government of the Crimean Republic.



The delegation numbers 19 delegates. This is  the largest group of politicians and business leaders from the European Union to visit Crimea since the peninsular's reunification with Russia.

The political community at an Italian-wide level among the delegates are led by a Deputy from the Italian national parliament, Mr Tancredi Turco.

Seven members of the delegation are members of Regional Parliaments in Italy, representing five Italian regions, with a total of more than 27 million constituents.

  1. The Veneto Region (administrative centre – Venice, population 4,865 million)

Robero Ciambetti, President of the Veneto Regional Parliament.

Stefano Valdegamberi, a Deputy of the Regional Parliament

Luciano Sandona – a Deputy of the Regional Parliament 

  1. The Toscana Region (administrative centre – Florence, population 3,749 million)

Manuel Vescovi – a Deputy of the Regional Parliament 

  1. The Lombardy Region (administrative centre – Milan, population 10,001 million)

Jari Colla – a Deputy of the Regional Parliament

  1. The Emilia-Romagna Region (administrative centre – Bologna, population 4,430 million)

Stefano Bargi – a Deputy of the Regional Parliament

  1. The Liguria Region (administrative centre Genoa, population 1.6 million)

The delegation is also joined by the Head of one of Italy's business organisations, the Director of the Chamber of Trade & Industry of the Veneto Region, Gianangelo Bellati.


Seven of the delegation members are owners or directors of Italian corporations:

Attilio Carlesso. President of the CANTINA di SOAVE, a major Italian wine producer, with vineyards totalling six thousand hectares.

Marvello Veronesi. Owner of the VERONESI corporation – a producer of meat products, and or animal feeds for farm animals and domesticated cattle. The corporation is the fifth-largest agribusiness company in Italy, with a 2013 turnover of over 2.8 billion euros.

Antonio Nicodemo, a senior manager from the VERONESI corporation.

Fulvio Scandiuzzi. The owner of the SCANDIUZZI corporation, a company producing construction-industry equipment and metal constructions, as well as its work in the energy sector.

Stefano Albrigi. Owner of the ALBRIGI corporation, a major producer of equipment for the wine-making, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries.

Fabio Bosio. Owner of the BRESCIA corporation, a company specialising in water purification. Signor Bosio plans to use the visit as an opportunity to propose the use of his patented water-purification technology in Crimea.

Roberto Penazzi. A renowned wine-industry technologist, who is similarly involved in crisis management in the wine-making industry, and involved with all major Italian wine-producing companies. Signor Penazzi hopes to use the visit as a chance to study the business climate in Crimea, as well as holding discussions with leading experts from the largest of Crimea's wine-producing companies, the Massandra Winery. His intention is detailed research of the business situation in the Crimean wine-producing sector, with the intention of that the 2017 Crimea International Economic Forum (scheduled to take place in April 2017) will be attended by leading Italian wine producers and potential partners for Crimean wine manufacturers.

The delegation members also include:

Marina Buffoni, a member of the Governing Council of the City of Padua

Alessandro Gonzato, a journalist for the Italian nationwide newspaper Libero

Robert  Steltz, a political advisor from Austria.



The Italian delegation arrived in the Crimean capital, Simferopol, on the evening of Friday 14th October. The first event in their packed program is a Briefing, attended by the delegates alongside the Chairman of the Yalta International Economic Forum (YIEF) and co-president of the Russian social organisation Delovaya Rossiya, Mr Andrei Nazarov. The YIEF Foundation is the joint organiser of the Visit, alongside the Government of the Crimean Republic.

Following the Briefing the delegation's plans include a meeting with the President of the Chairman of the Crimean State Council, Mr Vladimir Konstantinov and members of the Presidium. It is scheduled that an Accord will be signed between Mr Konstantinov and the President of the Veneto Regional Parliament, Signor Roberto Ciambetti.

Following this, the guests are invited to visit the Council of Ministers of the Crimean Republic, where they will have an audience with the Head of the Crimean Republic and Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Crimea, Mr Sergey Aksyonov.

The meeting will culminate in the signing of an Accord between the Mayor of Padua, Madama Marina Buffoni, and the Mayor of Simferepol, Mr Viktor Ageyev.

For Information: Padua is a city in the Veneto Region, with a population of 206,000 people. Padua is home to one of Europe's most advanced industrial zones, with over 1300 corporations who employ a total of over 50,000 staff. The city is also home for the fifth-largest university in Italy (with over 60,000 students), founded in 1222. The university has the oldest botanical gardens anywhere in the world (established in 1545), which enjoy the protection of UNESCO Heritage Status.

In the afternoon of their first day, the delegates will go by road to Sevastopol, where they will hold meetings with the acting Governor Mr Dmitry Ovsyannikov and the Chair of the Legislative Assembly Mrs Ekaterina Altabaeva. The closing event on the first day of the program will be a meeting with members of the business community in Sevastopol.

One of the most significant events in the delegation's program is the meeting with the business community of the Crimean Republic. This will take place on 15th October at the headquarters of the Massandra Winery corporation. The delegates will simultaneously enjoy an opportunity to find out more about the work of Crimea's largest wine producer, and will hold discussions with the leaders of the Massandra Winery and other major wine-producing companies in Crimea.

During the cultural program of the visit, the delegates will be making visits to the Livadia and Vorontsovky Palaces, along with opportunities to stroll along the beautiful boulevards and embankments of Crimea's major cities, and meet the local residents.


Mr Andrei Nazarov, Chairman of the Yalta International Economic Forum Foundation, and  co-president of the Russian social organisation Delovaya Rossiya

“This delegation encompasses both heavyweight political leaders and significant business figures. It's very important that the business leaders in the delegation come from industries which are crucial to the Crimean industrial economy – wine-making, development, and the agricultural sector. They are here on business – to assess to the business climate and Crimea's economic potential, as well as potential set-up for establishing collaboration with the local business community, and to find out how business carries on in Crimea even against the background of economic sanctions.”

Mr Roberto Ciambetti, President of the Veneto Regional Parliament.

“We are delighted to be here in Crimea, even though the national government in Italy takes a dim view of this visit. They tried to warn us off, and told us to refuse to come. But here we are, because we want to see the development of collaboration between Italy and Russia and the growth of economic cooperation. We rate Crimea as a Russian Region with very great potential. Our delegation includes members from regional Italian parliaments – parliaments which have sounded the call for the Italian government and the leaders of the European Union to end their sanctions against Russia. Veneto was the first Region to take such a Resolution officially – and this is work we plan to continue.”

Stefano Valdegamberi – a Deputy of the Veneto Regional Parliament, and the leader of the resolution to cease the political sanctions against Russia and against Crimea.

“In Italy the negative effects of bringing in these sanctions are hitting us on every side. We're losing money and missing chances. It means that the bill for the USA's program of political maneuvering is being paid by Italian business – which is outrageous. If there are ways in which collaboration can be bolstered and developed, then we need to be using them. And that is why I have come to Crimea.”




The Veronesi Group is Italy's fifth-largest agribusiness conglomerate, whose recorded turnover for 2013 exceed 2.8 billion euros. The Veronesi brand produces animal feeds for domestic cattle, along with providing comprehensive services to farmers involved in pig-breeding, cattle farming, poultry, fish, and rabbit farms. The company is also behind the AIA brand of meat products, and the Negroni brand. The company's much-loved products include traditional Italian hams and salamis, ready meals, and prepared foods from rabbit, chicken, beef and pork.


The firm was founded in 1898, and today is one of Italy's leading innovative cooperative wine houses. With more than six thousand of hectares of vines, it is a company which not only boasts a magnificent historical tradition, but carries out its business with a drive and passion which has been recognised with presentation of international awards within the wine industry.

The vineyards of Cantina di Soave extend substantially beyond the denomination of Soave itself, including areas of Garda, the Valpolicella hills, and the Amarone region. The company's portfolio features local grape varieties, such as Garganega, which is produced in the Soave and Corvina; Rondinella and Molinara; the traditional Valpolicella region, Ripasso and Amarone. The crowning jewel to be added recently to the company's achievements was its acquisition of the prestigious cellars of Montecchia di Crosara,


Scandiuzzi produces and installs industrial equipment in the oil business, chemical industry and other spheres of manufacturing which number metal erections for the construction of civilian and industrial premises, large-scale storage facilities for dry and liquid goods, and electric pylons. The company is also engaged in producing hydrogen fuels, and in renewable energy resources. One aspect of the latter is Scandiuzzi's involvement in producing wind-power technology applications.

The corporation is similarly engaged in manufacturing steel structures for building bridges and railway lines, equipment for producing concrete, and building materials.


The Albrigi corporation leads the way in facilities for the processing and storage of liquid food products. The company's equipment can be found in use in pharmaceutical organisations, wineries, chemical and cosmetic firms. ALBRIGI's commercial operations are carried out worldwide, including Russia.

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The Yalta International Economic Forum (YIEF) is an annual international event covering economic issues, which takes place in the Crimean Federal Province of Russia. The organising committee for YIEF-2016 was headed up by the Head of the Crimean Republic, Mr Sergey Aksionov, alongside the co-president of the All-Russian Social Organisation Delovaya Rossiya ('Business Russia'), Mr Andrei Nazarov. The Forum Organisers are the Government of the Crimean Republic, and the Yalta International Economic Forum Foundation supported by the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation.

YIEF-2016 took place over 14th-16th April 2016, and was attended by over 1100 people – including governmental representatives, members of the business community, and economic experts. Among the delegates were more than 70 international participants from 26 different countries – including business leaders and other opinion-formers. This makes it the largest group of foreign leaders to visit Crimea on a business basis for the entire period that Crimea has been reunited with Russia.

The Second YIEF saw the inking of 12 investment agreements to an overall value of more than 70 billion roubles, as well as the implementation of a protection scheme for international investors intent on working in Crimea, to secure their interests against the predations of negative sanctions imposed by western countries. The Forum hosted the signing of an Agreement for the building of a new Simferopol International Airport, involving a total investment figure of 32 billion roubles – making it the largest investment project in the new history of the Crimean Republic.


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