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3 August '18

The twelfth issue of the Business Crimea magazine has been published

The twelfth issue of the Business Crimea magazine has been published

The twelfth issue of the Business Crimea magazine, which is published with the support of the Yalta International Economic Forum Foundation, got to distribution points.

The issue starts with a text about Russia's position in the conditions of trade wars and deformation of the international system of economic interaction. The article quotes the speech of President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, whose work was covered by Business Crimea in the status of an information partner. This speech is compared with the famous Munich speech of 2007, the statements of the Russian leader are considered as an economic continuation of the statements made 11 years ago. "Having upheld the right to independence and an independent foreign policy over the past 15 years, Russia has determined a new mission - to promote the expansion of global cooperation and economic integration," the text says. The headline quoted the President of the Russian Federation: "We do not need trade wars, and not even an armistice, but a full-fledged trading peace." 

The preparation, carrying out and results of the IV Yalta International Economic Forum are analyzed in the "YIEF" section. Participants and organizers of the largest business forum of Crimea told the magazine about the results of the YIEF-2018 and shared their ideas about the development of the congress. "There is a rule for the development of any major business event - each next forum should be more interesting, representative, and of higher quality than a previous one. This applies not only to quantitative indicators, but also to the quality of the forum - the level of speakers, the level of discussions," Sergey Lazutkin, director of the YIEF Foundation and Proxy Centre, said in the interview with the magazine. - In this regard, the YIEF-2018 lost a lot. And if the forum takes several years at almost the same level, the business community loses interest in it, and then it will be very difficult to start the growth process again."


"I advise clients to invest in the shares of Russian companies," financial adviser Vania Franceschelli (Italy) told Business Crimea. Interview with Ms. Franceschelli is published under the heading "A View from the Side". According to the financial analyst, the Russian economy has a good potential for development, and if certain conditions are met, it will be an outstanding uprise. "Russia has a surplus budget calculated on the basis of the oil prices of $ 40 per barrel, which is much lower than current prices. Inflation over the past three years has fallen from 14 to 2 percent. Russia has significant foreign exchange reserves - about $ 457 billion. The incomes of the population of Russia are much lower than the average for Europe, but at the same time, Russians are used to saving money, many keep their savings in bank accounts. This increases the stability of the economy," - said the consultant. In her opinion, Russia has a definite advantage even in comparison with China, whose economy in the 21st century demonstrates impressive growth. "The advantage of Russia is the low level of business and individual debt load. In China, a significant portion of the income of the population and companies goes to credit repayment; in Russia, the revenue growth will stimulate consumption, investment, and economic development," Franceschelli explained.

The work of the Free Customs Zone, created in Crimea, is described in the "Business Guide" section. Participants of the Crimean Free Economic Zone since 2015 imported on preferential terms goods worth more than 2.8 billion rubles and saved 633 million rubles on taxes and duties. Residents of the Free Economic Zone actively import industrial and agricultural equipment (59% of the total volume), seedlings (15%), and vehicles (5%), but they face difficulties with paying to foreign suppliers. Head of the Crimean Customs Vladimir Avramenko told about the practice of applying a preferential customs regime in Crimea.

"Crimea can easily vie with Cyprus and Bali for freelancers," said Russian business leader Aleksandr Lebedev, who created a large resort and tourist cluster in Alushta, in an interview with the magazine. The text in the "Urban Environment" section tells about the project of National Reserve Corporation, owned by Lebedev, a complex reconstruction of the Professor's Corner, the most extensive quay in Crimea.

"Wine Road": between tourism and winemaking"- this is the title of the material about plans to create two wine tourist routes in Crimea - in the Republic and Sevastopol. "Wine Road of Crimea" with a length of about 480 km will cover almost the entire peninsula. More than 10 wineries have already joined the project, about 40 production enterprises and peasant farms have expressed a desire to become partners of the "Wine Road of Crimea". Tourists will be able to visit wine cellars, vineyards, madeira sites, take part in harvesting, get acquainted with Crimean eco-products - oysters, cheeses, bread cooked with special recipes, sausages, vegetables, and fruits.

"Businessman Vladimir Korsun sold his stake in the processed cheese factory near Moscow "Karat" in order to launch the largest goat breeding complex in Crimea," - that way begins the article about the largest investment project presented at the YIEF-2018. The "Kurgannoe" company - a joint project of Korsun and Crimean businessman Oleg Nadein - intends to invest 4.2 billion rubles in a farm for 10 thousand heads, a dairy processing plant, and the production of fodder for livestock. The complex will produce cottage cheese, yogurts, and cheeses. In an interview to "Business Crimea", Mr. Korsun told about the parameters of the project, the timing of the start of the complex and the return on investment.

The "Investment project" section continues the interview of Pavel Silvanovich - the general director of the company "Slavica", a major ice cream producer. "Slavica", successfully working in Siberia, the Volga region, and Kuban, intends to invest 500 million rubles in the construction of a large ice cream factory in Crimea. The production capacity of 40 tons of ice cream per day will create 300 workplaces.

One of the key topics of the issue was the "Crimea is the best place for living" rating. The experts engaged by the magazine selected the best companies and objects by combinations of consumer characteristics in five nominations: "Hotels", "Adventure services", "Sanatoriums and recreation houses", "Restaurants", "Residential complexes".

In the "History" section, the material titled "Egyptian footprint in Crimea" is published - a statement of the hypothesis about the significant influence of the culture and technology of Ancient Egypt on the Crimean Bosporan Kingdom in the era of Alexander the Great and the subsequent centuries. Article "Mustangs of the Crimean mountains" in the "Journey" section tells about horse ride walks in Crimea. The "Culture" section is dedicated to the life and work of Lev Bogomolets.

The official website of the magazine is business-crimea.com. All articles of the latest issue are available at: business-crimea.com/category/dk-12/

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