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17 February '17

Sergey Aksyonov: Business projects announced at YIEF 2017 will benefit from a simplified approval procedure

Sergey Aksyonov: Business projects announced at YIEF 2017 will benefit from a simplified approval procedure

Investment projects for which implementation agreements will be signed at the Third Yalta International Economic Forum (YIEF) will enjoy simplified procedures for obtaining all approvals and permits required by the authorities of the Republic of Crimea within the shortest possible time, said Sergey Aksyonov, Head of the Republic of Crimea.

In his speech at a meeting of the YIEF Programme Committee, the Head of the Republic of Crimea noted that prospective investors exploring opportunities for working in Crimea call for simple and transparent procedures for obtaining the approvals and permits required for launching their projects.

“Agreements will incorporate a provision with a guarantee that I will personally meet with any investor willing to implement their business project in Crimea. We will speed up and simplify the procedure for obtaining approvals and see to it that documents never hang around for months in government offices. This is the proposed format: we will send an investor’s address to each minister within a day and then I will have a meeting with the ministers in my office within two days to sign all approvals and issue permits, and form a roadmap for implementing an investment project”, said Mr. Aksyonov, who heads the YIEF Organizing Committee.

He also reminded that the organisers were anticipating at least 250 international participants from 40 countries. “The format of the Forum, the number of participants and the diversity of the delegations tend to expand and improve from year to year”, said the Head of the Republic of Crimea.



The most significant outcome of the meeting of the YIEF Programme Committee in Moscow on Friday, 17 February, was approval of the Forum’s architecture. It was shaped with the participation of the four major Russian business associations: the All-Russia Public Organisation Delovaya Rossiya, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and the All-Russian Non-Governmental Organization of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Opora Russia. Representatives of all four associations will participate in the Forum scheduled for 20 through 22 April in Yalta.

President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Alexander Shokhin suggested using the Forum platform to address the economic development programme that the Big Four business associations of Russia are drawing up for the Russian Government. In his opinion, the industry sessions should explore possibilities and prospects for implementing this programme in various sectors of the economy.

Attending the discussion of the architecture of the Forum was a leading Russian economist –– Sergey Glazyev, advisor to the President of the Russian Federation, who will preside at a visiting session of the Free Economic Society of Russia at YIEF 2017.



Andrei Nazarov, Chairman of the Board of the Yalta International Economic Forum Foundation and Co-chairman of the All-Russia Public Organisation Delovaya Rossiya, said that several MEPs would be coming to YIEF 2017. There will be more of them than back in 2016, when two MEPs visited the business event in Yalta – Marcus Pretzell (Germany) and Jaromír Kohlíček (the Czech Republic).

“There will be more MEPs at the Forum than last year. For the first time, a US delegation will visit the event. More than 20 people are expected –– politicians and businessmen”, Mr. Nazarov said.

He also said that representatives of international business communities were eager to participate actively in the discussions featured by the Forum. “Many applications have been received from European businessmen for holding tourism and winemaking sessions”, said the YIEF Chairman of the Board.

According to him, international participants in the Forum will also deliver speeches during the first portion of the main Forum discussion – the big plenary session, which is scheduled for 21 April. The “World” block will be focusing on the economic situation in Russia from the perspective of international business. It is planned to address Russia’s place in the global economy and Russia’s experience in engaging as a business partner, and to discuss the opportunities opening up in Russia for external investors.

“We would like to learn from our foreign speakers, our foreign participants how they currently perceive Russia: what attracts them, what needs to be changed and what needs to be improved”, Mr. Nazarov explained.

Georgy Muradov, Vice-Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea and Permanent Representative of the Republic of Crimea under the President of the Russian Federation, said that some prominent political figures had shown an interest in participating in the Forum. “This year, the Yalta Forum has been characterised by a new important feature –– it fits into the emerging international context, with the changing situation in the world and challenges to the policy of illegal limitations and sanctions. Crimea is a special territory that is currently subjected not only to sanctions but also an outright harsh and cruel blockade ––by some western countries. So it is an exciting platform for addressing all aspects of international relations and, naturally, the main focus area – international economic cooperation”, said Mr. Muradov.



Minister of Economic Development of the Republic of Crimea Andrei Melnikov said that the regional Programme for Socioeconomic Development up to 2030, which was approved in December 2016, would be presented to YIEF participants.

“We would like to present the programme to Russian and foreign investors in order for them to synchronise their visions and plans with the document”, Mr. Melnikov said.

He noted that restoration of the status of a Russian health centre was a critical element of the programme for Crimea. “This year, we are planning to market quite a few health resorts and treatment centres as investment sites and we will prepare them for the Forum in this capacity”, the Minister said.

Sergey Lazutkin, Director of the YIEF Foundation, spoke about plans to hold the YIEF Youth Day on 19 April, the day before the official opening of the event. “The idea is to bring together 200 to 300 students of field-specific universities at the Crimean Federal University and hold an interactive panel discussion”, Mr. Lazutkin said. The format of the event could include speeches by professionals in several areas. They will tell students about their professional development and share their experience.”

The Director of the YIEF Foundation also suggested that the 20 to 30 most active students should be enabled to visit the events of the main YIEF 2017 programme following the Youth Day.


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