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15 October '16

Italian Companies Run in Crimea Despite of Sanctions

Italian Companies Run in Crimea Despite of Sanctions

Italian business community, despite of the European Union’s sanctions, is involved into implementation of the business projects in Crimea, said Deputy of Regional Parliament of Veneto Stefano Valdegamberi, arrived to Simferopol with the rest part of Italian delegation.

“Our businessmen and entrepreneurs are not always public, but some of them are working in Crimea, particularly they supply equipment for wine growing.  The situation is quite delicate, so we have do business in a gentle manner, that is why we won’t mention their names”, - commented Mr. Valdegamberi.

According to his words, Italian business representatives have come to Crimea to get acquainted with a business climate and its’ potential.

“Italian entrepreneurs, working in the Russian market, are interested in entering Crimean and start investing in the peninsula. Their message is that they do not want to trade with Crimea, but invest in it and produce goods here. That is why we came here to explore Crimean business environment”, – said the Deputy of Regional Parliament of Veneto.

Roberto Penazzi, famous Italian wine-making engineer, acting as a crisis manager in a wine branch, stated that Italian business representatives arrived to Crimea to establish business contacts and look into cooperation possibilities. 

“We came to patch up relations with Crimean entrepreneurs in the field of agriculture, production of food items, wine making and industry. We have to see into difficulties we may face and how to overcome them. Political situation is quite complicated to reestablish cooperation, but we should look for the changes and cooperate on that to overcome all the hardships and smooth the situation. We’ll see what we can do. We will bend every effort in this direction, including in business”, - noted Mr. Penazzi.   

Crossing the Visit

Stefano Valdegamberi said that Italian delegation, planning the visit to Crimea, has met up counteractions of Ukrainian diplomatic structures.

“We have received warning letters from Ukrainian Consul, - pointed out Stefano Valdegamberi. – I haven’t received such letter, but my colleagues have. Ukrainian side refers to my trip to Crimea on April, 2016 for participation in Yalta International Economic Forum. They recommend not doing that again”. 

Roberto Penazzi said that he has received the letter from Ukrainian Consul and has been threatened with a criminal prosecution under the Ukrainian law.  The Consul recommended to “wind up” the mission.

The delegation has showed one of these letters, signed by General Consul of Ukraine in Milan Roman Goryaynov to the Chairman of the Emilia-Romagna Regional Parliament Dr. Simonetta Saliera. Mr. Goryaynov stated that in case of arriving to Crimea, Italian delegation will be brought to responsibility for breaching 1 part of the 332 article of the Ukrainian Criminal Code (Illegal crossing of persons across the state Ukrainian border), which assumes imprisonment for up to 2-5 years.   

Stefano Valdegamberi declared that these actions should be regarded as a threat to the members of delegation. “Consul of the foreign country should not interfere to the actions of the deputies of another country’s Parliament”, - commented the politician.




Italian Companies Run ...

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