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31 March '17

Dominique Fache: Crimea needs to plan its economic development 40 years ahead

Crimea needs a clear economic development plan for 40 years into the future, like Sophia-Antipolis, Europe’s biggest science park on the Cote d’Azure, France, said Dominique Fache, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Russian Technological Fund (RTF). He will speak about the conditions required for accelerated development of Crimea at the Crimea: Strategy 2030 panel as part of the Third Yalta International Economic Forum to be held on 20–22 April.

“I was among the founders of Sophia-Antipolis and then worked in Russia for 25 years. As regards Crimea, I do not want to meddle in political issues, but I have to say that the peninsula today is like the Cote d’Azure was 50 years ago. So I have my own considered opinion as to what development strategy Crimea needs. The peninsula needs integrated development in technology, sport, agriculture and so on. There needs to be a plan for 10, 20, 30 and 40 years ahead”, Mr Fache believes.

He says that the development plan for Sophia-Antipolis in France covered a span of 45 years. “And there has to be a single team and a single leadership. Building the infrastructure is the easiest part. After that, it will be necessary to develop universities, industrial parks, agrarian parks, tourist clusters within the framework of a single strategy and by a single team. That is still a distant goal and it must be discussed at the YIEF. Crimea has the potential but this has to be used properly in matters of strategy and management”, said the Chairman of the RTF Board of Directors.

In late 2016, the State Council of the Republic of Crimea approved the Region’s development strategy up to 2030 (http://minek.rk.gov.ru/rus/info.php?id=609404).

The strategy envisages RUB 345 bn in private investment, a quadrupling of the regional per capita product by 2030, a trebling of labour productivity, an increase in the average life expectancy to 75 years and development of the key sectors of the Region’s economy, i.e., industry, agriculture, holiday infrastructure and tourism. Several industrial clusters are to be set up: ship-building, chemical, agro-industrial and medical-biological. They will bring together new and existing enterprises. The strategy for socio-economic development of Crimea will be implemented in three stages: 2017–2020 – doing away with infrastructure constraints, 2021–2026 – massive rollout of innovations, and  2027–2030 – development of new technologies and building up competitive advantages.

The organisers of the Crimea: Strategy 2030 panel at the Third Yalta International Economic Forum are the Russian Ministry for Economic Development in conjunction with the Ministry for Economic Development of Crimea. Russian and foreign experts, representatives of federal and regional executive bodies and of the business community have been invited to take part in the discussion.

Dominique Fache spoke at the Yalta International Economic Forum in 2016, when he proposed to develop “a defence industry incubator” around Sebastopol. In addition to providing sites for entrepreneurs, Mr Fache advised Crimea to develop educational programmes, to set up a local business school. “A year on, my opinion on the issue has not changed”, said Dominique Fache.


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