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5 April '17

Crimea’s Development after Federal Target Programme Completion in 2020 to be Discussed at YIEF

Sergey Aksyonov, the Head of the Republic of Crimea, announced that a discussion regarding implementation of the Strategy for Social and Economic Development of the Republic of Crimea up to 2030 would be an important item on the agenda for the 3rd Yalta International Economic Forum. The local authorities, business persons and experts will discuss development of the Region after completion of the Federal Target Programme “Social and Economic Development of Crimea and Sevastopol up to 2020” at the section “Crimea: Strategy 2030” to be held on the first day of the Forum, on 20 April.

“We are planning to consider issues of the peninsula’s infrastructure development (including after the Federal Target Programme’s completion in 2020), Free Economic Zone and state support for priority projects”, said Sergey Aksyonov. “We hope the Forum will be a good basis for elaborating specific practical recommendations regarding the Strategy for implementing and fulfilling the Republic’s social and economic development tasks, as well as for sharing experience and positioning Crimea as a territory with a favourable investment climate.”

At the end of 2016, the State Council of the Republic of Crimea adopted the Strategy for the Region’s Development up to 2030 (http://minek.rk.gov.ru/rus/info.php?id=609404).

The Strategy assumes raising RUB 345 bn in private investment, more than quadrupling the per capita gross regional product by 2030, more than trebling labour productivity, raising the average life expectancy to 75 years, and developing the main sectors of the Region’s economy: industry, agriculture, resort infrastructure and tourism. There are plans to set up several industrial clusters: shipbuilding, chemical, agro-industrial and medical-biological. All of these should unite new and currently operating enterprises. The Strategy for Social and Economic Development of Crimea will be implemented in three stages: 2017–2020 – removal of infrastructural restrictions, 2021–2026 – widespread introduction of innovations, 2027–2030 – creation of new technologies and augmentation of competitive advantages.

The organisers of the “Crimea: Strategy 2030” section at the 3rd Yalta International Economic Forum are the Ministry for Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Ministry for Economic Development of the Republic of Crimea. Russian and foreign experts, representatives of the federal and regional authorities, and business representatives are invited to take part in the discussion. Dominique Fache, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the RTF (Russian Technology Fund), who contributed to establishment of the Sophia Antipolis Science and Technology Park on the French Riviera, has already confirmed his participation in the discussion.

The anticipate outcome of the discussion is elaboration of practical recommendations for effective implementation of the Crimean Development Strategy and a search for new approaches and tools to fulfil the tasks of the Region’s social and economic development.


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