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7 April '17

Agreement on Poultry Complex Construction Valued at RUB 8.54 bn to be Signed at YIEF-2017

Chernomorskaya Agropromyshlennaya Kompaniya (part of the international GDP Investment Group) intends to conclude an investment agreement with the Government of the Republic of Crimea on establishing a poultry complex in the northeast of the peninsula. The agreement should be signed within the framework of the 3rd Yalta International Economic Forum on 20 to 22 April.

The investment in the poultry complex will amount to RUB 8.54 bn. In the spring of 2018, the investor plans to launch the first line of a poultry farm with a capacity of 25.5 thousand tonnes of broiler meat a year. The next stage involves launch of a second line with a similar productive capacity. In the future, the poultry complex will become part of the multi-profile Black Sea meat cluster, where there are plans to organise production of chicken, pork, beef and deep processing meat products. The work of the cluster is expected to involve approximately 1.3 thousand residents of the Republic of Crimea, mainly from the Sovetsky and Nizhnegorsky Regions.

“We have already drafted the first stage of the project: construction of the poultry complex in the Sovietsky area of ​​Crimea”, said Ernest Doshoyan, Development Director at Chernomorskaya Agropromyshlennaya Kompaniya. “Our planned annual output will be 51 thousand tonnes of broiler meat in slaughter weight. The commissioning will be carried out in two stages, but the processing works and provender milling are designed to operate at full capacity from the very outset.”

The investor’s own funds will account for 30% of the anticipated investment sum; the remaining financial resources will be loaned, according to the investor’s plans. The project’s payback period will be approximately 10 to 11 years.

According to the procedure adopted in Crimea, the Government of the Republic will conclude a long-term land lease with Chernomorskaya Agropromyshlennaya Kompaniya within the scope of the investment agreement. The company has already registered in Crimea as a resident of the Free Economic Zone.

At the 2nd Yalta International Economic Forum, the Crimea Development Corporation and the investor signed a memorandum of cooperation.


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