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12 April '17

The 2017 YIEF to Host First Youth Panel Discussion

Students of Crimean universities and young professionals will have a Youth Day on the sidelines of the 3rd Yalta International Economic Forum to be held on 20 through 22 April. The event will be hosted by the Crimean Federal University (4 Vernadsky Avenue) on 19 April, the zero day of the Forum, and will gather around 300 representatives of the student community. Groups of students selected on that day will be allowed to participate in the main programme as members of the audience.

The agenda for the Youth Day includes issues ranging from space science and business to urban planning, architecture and development of territories. Viktor Sadovnichiy, the Rector of Moscow State University, and Sergey Aksyonov, Head of the Republic of Crimea, are expected to take part in the interactive panel discussion.

“The government of the Republic of Crimea is interested in attracting young people into development of all economic sectors and social aspects in the Republic”, reckons the Crimean Prime Minister. “This is one of our priorities. Crimea needs the creative power of the young, their knowledge, fresh and original ideas. I am convinced that the Youth Day to be held at the Yalta International Economic Forum will help us attract young professionals, researchers and businessmen to solve the immediate problems relating to the economic, innovative, humanitarian development of the region, to deliver promising ideas and projects, and to help young people realise their potential in socially beneficial activities.”

The universities of Simferopol, Yalta and Sevastopol received proposals from the YIEF Foundation encouraging them to delegate from 20 to 50 students in different fields to attend the Youth Day. The young people’s own work, i.e., theoretical (academic) or applied research, as well as applied projects in the territorial and economic development of the Republic of Crimea, will be an important asset. The students will be given an opportunity to present them at the end of the Youth Day panel discussion. On 19 April, the YIEF experts will select the best student projects. Some 50 winners will be able to study at the International Friendship Centre and participate as part of the audience members’ quota in the business programme of the 2017 YIEF on 20 April.

“The organisers of the interactive panel discussion, the YIEF Foundation and the International Friendship Centre, have set themselves the goal of creating a new annual discussion platform on the YIEF sidelines to establish and strengthen international cooperation between youth, to attract young people, representatives from academia and business to discuss Crimea and Sevastopol development issues”, Sergey Lazutkin, the director of the YIEF Foundation, stated. “This will help involve the young people in resolving immediate problems relating to economic, humanitarian, technological development of the territories in which they live. The YIEF supports the best young professionals and is an opportunity for them to take part in the discussion of global issues relating to the development of Russia and international cooperation.”

Maksim Girin, a marketing expert, corporate sector development director of the University in a Pocket project, will be the discussion moderator.

“The world used to be the young people’s oyster back in the old days. Now they are spoilt even by a wider choice of options, all of them are available and this is the biggest challenge: the freedom of choice borders on lack of certainty about ‘where to go’. We invite students wishing to find a runway to the desired future. The YIEF will help them find the one and only proper way to achieve their goal”, Mr Girin explains.

He emphasised that the Yalta International Economic Forum was held to face modern challenges and problems of Crimea and Russia and that this presented unique opportunities for young people. “How would it help students? They will find opportunities and examples for development”, believes the moderator of the interactive panel discussion.

The Youth Day interactive panel discussion to be held on the sidelines of the next 2018 YIEF is expected to focus on international cooperation between young people and will gather students from many countries.


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