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20 April '17

The 3rd Yalta International Economic Forum opened in Crimea

Mr Sergey Aksionov: “We are expecting practical results from YIEF-2017”

The Head of the Crimean Republic, Mr Sergey Aksionov said that over its first two years, YIEF had been commendable as a tool for attracting inward investment into the Crimean economy.

“The results of the first two years demonstrate the effectiveness of the Forum's work. For two years, the Forum has been the catalyst for the signing of 168 Agreement – which are today already in their implementation phases. The total value of invesment exceeds 170 billion roubles. Eleven thousand jobs will be created. The results of this work are clear in the pace of economic growth of our economy – Crimea today is one of the fastest-growing Federal Regions of Russia, both from the social standards viewpoint and the improvement in the standard of living”, Mr Aksionov said.


More than 1500 people are participating in the Forum – representatives of the business community, state sector officials, leaders of social organisations and economics experts.

YIEF-2017 has become the largest international event in the new history of Crimea. More than 130 representatives of international business are attending, with a further 50 state sector representatives, politicians and social organisation leaders from over 40 different countries.

The list of participants at YIEF-2017 features businessmen and politicians from Abkhazia, Australia, Angola, the Republic of Belarus, Bulgaria, Brazil, Britain, Hungary, Venezuela, Germany, Greece, the Dominican Republic, Israel, Jordan, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Cyprus, China, the Republic of Korea, Latvia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Poland, the Republic of Burundi, Palestine, Serbia, the United States, Tunisia, Turkey, Finland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Estonia and Japan.

The most numerous of the international delegations attending the Forum this year is from Italy – whose delegations totals over 50 people. Delegates attending the Forum include: senators from the Italian Parliament – Bartolomeo Amidei (from the Forza Italia party), and Sergio Divina (from the Northern League party); the President of the Reggio-Calabria Region, Giuseppe Raffa; and representatives of regional parliaments and governmental bodies of Liguria, Emilia-Romana, and Veneto A similar number of arrivals of MEPs is expected, including Laurenti Rebega (Romania), members of the Austrian Parliament Johannes Hüber, (the Austrian Lower House) and Hans-Jürg Jenewein (the Austrian Upper House, the Federal Council of Austria).

The Program of YIEF-2017

The YIEF progam is developed with the involvement of Ministers of the Russian Government, state corporations, and the Crimean Republic authorities. For the first time in the event's history, all four major business associations in Russia are taking part: the All-Russia Social Organisation Delovaya Rossiya; the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders; the Russian Chamber of Commerce; and the All-Russia Social Organisation for Small and Medium-Size Business OPORA ROSSIYA.

​ The Business Program of the Forum features 27 Thematic Sessions and a Main Plenary Session divided into three sessions – World, Country, and People.

​ The total planned duration of the discussion programs is 45 hours.

The principle venue of the forum will be the MRIYA RESORT & SPA hotel. Separate events will be held at the Livadia Palace – the legendary location at which the Yalta Conference was held in 1945, where the heads of the Allied Forces met to decide the fate of Europe in the face of Nazi aggression.

The opening day of YIEF features 25 thematic session, and the opening of the Exhibition of Investment Projects offered for take-up in the Crimean Republic.

One of the key sectional meetings – the Russia-Italy Business Dialogue – will be attended by members of the business committee and state sector figurs from Italy – who form the most numerous of the international delegations visiting the Forum this year. The pressing issue of transport for the Crimean peninsula will be discussed in a session titled Transport as the Interface for the Development of the Region, which has been prepared in association with the Russian Ministry of Transport. The development of the sports infrastructure as a driver of economic development will be the topic of discussion in a session called “Through Sport To Integration”, whose organiser is the Russian Ministry of Sport. Preservation of natural resources and the development of nature conservancy technology will be debated at YIEF in a sectional session entitled The Call Of Ecology, one of whose organisers is the Russian Ministry of the Environment. The development of space technology has its first discussion at YIEF in the sectional debate 'Space Research and International Cooperation in Space', whose organisation is in the hands of the Russian state space agency Roskosmos. The role of the construction industry as a driver for economic growth is to be debated in a special industry session developed by the Ministry for Construction and Housing of the Russian Federation, in association with the Social organisation Delovaya Rossiya. The Ministry of Communications of the RF will be organising a session entitled 'IT for the energy safety of the future”.

The prospects for industry sectors central to Crimean economic interests – tourism, and winemaking – will be the topics of separate industry sessions 'Crimean Tourism – Transformation In the Face of Cutbacks”, and "The Wine Industry – how to achieve competitive edge in world markets". There will similarly be sectional sessions held on cultural heritage, inter-regional cooperation, the protection of the rights of business and business leaders, and the Russian investment environment.

The Second Day of the Forum is given over to the central YIEF discussion – the Central Plenary Session. For the first time in YIEFs history the plenary seassion witll be divided into three thematic sessions – 'World', 'Country', and 'People'.

1.​ "World – Russia through the eyes of foreign investors". Discussion topics:

​ Russia's economic situation from the viewpoint of international business.

​ Russia's place in the world economy.

​ Experience of dealing with Russia as an international business partner.

​ The potential which Russia holds for foreign investors.

2.​ Country – the Russian economy, in search of domestic resources. Discussion topics:

​ The prospects for setting up an innovation-based economy in Russia.

​ Regional practice in the growth of the economy

3.​ "People – Forming a social state as priority in governmental policy". Discussion topics:

​ Growth issues in social spheres

​ Preservation of the environment

​ The development of culture and preservation of cultural heritage

Events on the sidelines of the Forum

It's expected that the sidelines of YIEF-2017 will play host to the signing of numerous Agreements, contracts, and memorandums. According to information from the Crimean Republic's Ministry of Economic Development, there are plans afoot to sign agreements and memorandums for the implementation of investment projects to a total value of at least 52 billion roubles.

The investment potential of Crimea will be highlighted in a special exhibition of investment projects which will run for the whole three days of the Forum. Delegates will see more than 35 proposed projects which are ripe for investment, along with investment sites, and large-scale investment projects in the sphere of infrastructure development.

The Forum program will similarly include a presentation about Crimea's investment opportunities, featuring the results of the 'Business Figure Of The Year' competion and a promotion called “Minister On Duty” - featuring individual consultations with ministers from the Crimean Republic Government and forum participants.

The Third Day of YIEF-2017 has a Business Program featuring individual meetings with the Head of the Crimean Republic, Mr Sergey Aksionov and official delegations, investors, and representatives of the business community. The closing day of the Forum similarly has plans for a program of cultural events, which include a rally of old-timer vehicles, and excursions to locations of cultural heritage along the Crimean southern coast.

A major part of the cultural progam of YIEF-2017 will be a performance by the Severny Gorod ('Northern City') orchestra, under its conductor Mr Fabo Pirolla, which will be held on 21st April evening.

Under the aegis of YIEF-2017, the IInd Crimean Corporate Games will be held. These include mini-football, basketball, football, chess, checkers, 100m and 800m sprint runs, tug-'o-war, arm-wrestling, kettle-bell, weightlifting, press-ups, and darts. Nearly 400 people are expected to participate. The Games made their first appearance at YIEF-2016, on the heels of a growing trend manifested at economic forums in St Petersburg, Vladivostok, and Sochi. The events will be held in Alushte at the Spartak ground, which has been the training ground for Soviet-era and Russian Olympic sports athletes.

YIEF-2017 Partners

Straregic YIEF-2017 Partner – VAD Corporation. General YIEF-2017 Partners RNKB Bank PAO, Sibavtoban Corporation, and Mirya Resort & Spa hotel complex. Official YIEF-2017 partner – AB ROSSIYA Corporation. Key YIEF-2017 partners include KubanEnergo Public Corporation; Titanovie Investitsiy Corp; Crimean Soda Works Corp; Morskaya Direktsiya Corp; Parangon State Corp; Crimean Fruits Company.

A huge raft of different companies have stepped forward as partners of Forum Sessions.

Information Partners

The work YIEF-2017 is reported and broadcast by over 250 different Russian and international media organisations.

The YIEF-2017 Strategic Information Partner is TASS. YIEF-2017 General Information Partners are the Russia Today, Rossiya Segodnya, Perviy Krymsky and Krym-24 TV channels; Radio Krym; MIA Rossiya Segodnya and Komsomolskaya Pravda. General Internet Information Partners are: RNS, Lenta.ru, and Gazeta.ru.

Special Information Partners of the Forum's proceedings are Vedomosti, RBK television channel, and RIA Novosti Krym.

The official radio station for the Forum is Radio Sputnik Krym, Official Information Partners are PRIME and Rossiya Segodnya.

Additional information partners of the Forum include Rossiyskaya Gazeta; Delovoy Krym magazine; Interfax-Yug information agency; Strana television channel; Izvestia; NIA-Federatsiya; Krymskaya Gazeta; Krymskoe Informatsionnoye Agenstsvo (KIA); Kryminform corporation' Krymsky Journal; and Ekonomika i Zhizn'.

The YIEF Organisers

The Forum organisers are The Government of the Crimean Republic and the Yalta International Economic Forum Foundation, with the support of the Presidential Adminstration of the Russian Federation.

The constituent members of the Yalta International Economic Forum Foundation are:

​ State autonomous organisation “Business & Cultural Centre of the Republic of Crimea”. This is a structure of the Government of the Crimean Republic, tasked with interaction with foreign economic investors,and collaboration with Russian and international companies interested in beginning work in Crimea.

​ The All-Russia Social Organisation Delovaya Rossiya

​ The Proxy Centre Corporation – one of the leaders in the field of organisation of events of a governmental and international nature.

The history of YIEF

YIEF-2015 gathered more than 600 people from 13 different countries. The Forum was able to announce the first five Resident companies of the Free Economic Zone (FEZ) of the Crimean Republic and City of Sevastopol. The Forum's results achieved agreements for the award of Residency Statues of the FEZ for 33 more members. Today the FEZ numbers over 850 Residents.

YIEF-2016 was held over 14th to 16th April 2016, and was visited by over 1100 people, who included state sector figures, members of the business community, and economics experts and opinion-formers. This was the largest group of foreign business guests to visit Crimea for the entire period since Crimea was reunited with Russia. Twenty-six members of foreign official delegations took part in the Forum's proceedings, alongside a further 40 representatives of independent foreign businesses.

The forum gathered business leaders representing 55 different industry sectors -from IT to aerospace, and from tourism to the oil and gas sector.

YIEF-2016 was visited by delegations from eleven Russian Regions including Moscow, Rostov, Voronezh, Irkutsk, Orlov, Leningrad, Tula, and Saratov Regions, as well as the cities of St Petersburg and Moscow, and Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Region.

On the sidelines of YIEF-2016 twelve investment agreements were signed, totally an investment value of more than 70 billion roubles. Furthermore a scheme for the protection of the interests of foreign investors in Crimea, against the malign effect of illegal foreign sanctions was developed. The forum witnessed the signing of a Contract for the construction of the new Terminal of Simferopol International Airport to a total investment value of 32 billion roubles making it the largest investment project in the history of the Crimean Republic.

Among the major investment projects alongside Simferopol Airport were:

​ An investment program value at 6.8 billion roubles for a Meat Cluster (involving the building a chicken-rearing facility in Chernomorsky Region).

​ An investment project by the KSK Group Of Companies with an announced investment value of 3 billion roubles in domestic housing construction projects in Yalta and Alushte and involving building of a Children's Nurserry with 50 places to be given over to the Yalta City authorities for management, as well as a sports and health complex.

The Government of the Crimean Republic signed inter-reigonal cooperation agreements, including with the governments of Orlov and Irkutsk Regions, and similarly a memorandum of cooperation in tourism between the Crimean Ministry for Tourism and Resorts and the Department for national interregional policy and tourism of the City of Moscow.

The Governement of the Republic of Crimea also signed cooperation agreements betwen the Cabinet of Ministers of the Abkhazian Republic and the cities of Gagra and Yalta.

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