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20 April '17

Crimea’s investment potential is presented at an exhibition held as part of the YIEF

The opportunities Crimea offers for investments and for doing business are presented at the investment project exhibition opened at the III Yalta International Economic Forum. Over 35 investment projects and investment sites, as well as the major investment projects and infrastructure development projects already underway were presented to the Forum’s participants.

Sergey Aksyonov, the Head of the Republic of Crimea, viewed the exhibition. He emphasized that the region’s economic development largely depends on entrepreneurs’ business initiatives. “Our task is to create a favorable environment, to help businesses go through administrative barriers, to make sure that entrepreneurs do not face difficulties. The rest is up to businesses,” Sergey Aksyonov stressed. “Crimea is now developing actively. Our key infrastructural projects are presented here: the Kerch Strait Bridge that will connect the Republic with mainland Russia, and Simferopol Airport constructed with private investors’ money, the largest investment project in Crimea over the last 25 years.”

The key exhibits presented are ten models of major construction projects currently underway or planned for construction in Crimea. The visitors were shown a model of the Kerch Strait Bridge. It will be one of Russia’s major bridges with a railway and a highway parallel to each other. The bridge will be 19 kilometers long. It starts on the Taman Peninsula, goes along the existing 5-kilometer-long dam and Tuzla Island. It then crosses the Kerch Strait, going around Cape Ak-Burun on the northern side, and reaches the coast of Crimea. The highway’s capacity is up to 40,000 cars in 24 hours. The double-track railway will have the capacity of up to 47 pairs of trains in 24 hours. Stages of completion: the highway in 2018, and the railway in 2019.

The Forum’s participants were also shown models of large residential estates currently under construction in Simferopol: Zhigulina Roshcha (six housing complexes and infrastructure facilities necessary for accommodating over 17,000 people) and Gorod Mira (infrastructure facilities and 97 residential buildings for comfortably accommodating over 10,000 people). The exhibition also had the model of Krymskaya Rosa residential estate intended to accommodate 21,000 people. The total area of the residential complex slated for construction in the north-eastern part of Simferopol is over 1 square kilometer.

Skvortsovo Meat Processing Plant, one of Crimea’s leading agro-industrial companies, presented projects of a pig farm in Zalesye (a suburb of Simferopol) and a compound feed mill. YIEF visitors can also see the project of Duet Crimean Fur Factory, Crimea’s only manufacturer of high-quality natural fur goods. Fotisal Winery presented the construction project for a new winemaking complex.

Vector Industrial and Investment Complex presented a model of SM-50 aircraft to be manufactured in Yevpatoria. The new sporting and training aircraft made of composite materials is intended to replace the Soviet Yak-52. The test flights for the two-seater aircraft will have completed by the end of 2017.

“Virtual reality” helmets were used to show visitors the most massive projects presented at the exhibition: the construction progress of the Kerch Strait Bridge, of the airport terminal in Simferopol Airport, and of the Simferopol Thermal Power Plant were demonstrated in the video mode with a 360-degree field of vision; large-scale investment projects Zhigulina Roshcha and Gorod Mira implemented under investment agreements with the Council of Ministers of Crimea were also on display.

The Exhibition has two video walls. One walls shows videos of the construction of infrastructure facilities under the Development of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol until 2020 Federal Targeted Program. The second wall shows mini-presentations of investment projects currently implemented in Crimea.

The Corporation of Development of the Republic of Crimea erected two interactive multi-touch panels; the Forum’s participants can use them to receive detailed information on the investment projects offered for implementation; on real estate and land plots that could become investment sites. 35 facilities and sites total are presented: 17 facilities of the Administrative Property Directorate; 4 facilities of Solnechnaya Tavrika enterprise; 14 facilities of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Crimea; 2 facilities of the State Council Administration of the Republic of Crimea.

At the exhibition, several ministers of the Government of the Republic of Crimea and chairpersons of state committees hold consultations for potential investors; they also present the investment potential of Crimea, of individual economy sectors, of major investment projects.

The Crimean IT cluster presented two robots at the exhibition; they entertain visitors by playing soccer.


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