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16 October '16

Italian Companies May Take Part in Yacht Marinas’ Construction in Balaklava

Italian Companies May Take Part in Yacht Marinas’ Construction in Balaklava

Final events of the first day of Italian delegation to Crimea visit were meetings with top officials of Sevastopol and city’s business community. The authorities of Sevastopol invited Italian entrepreneurs to take part in yacht marinas’ construction, wine-making, industrial park development and infrastructure projects realization.        

“We mostly have discussed priority projects. We mentioned Balaklava, where we could have touch points with our colleagues from Italy; as well we noted urban development and projects under Federal Target Programme. Sevastopol is open for investors”, - said acting Governor of Sevastopol, Dmitry Ovsyannikov, finalizing the results of the meeting.

In the course of the meeting Mr. Ovsyannikov said that foreign investors would be able to become residents of the Sevastopol’s industrial park, which is 72 ha in area and locate there its production capacities.

“We figure on successful cooperation with Italian representatives in various focus areas. Sevastopol is realizing such important project as large yacht marina’s construction in Balaklava. We also have projects in the field of wine-making and instrument engineering”, - commented Deputy Governor of Sevastopol, Dmitry Gladsky.

Deputy of Regional Parliament of Veneto, Stefano Valdegamberi said that Italian business community is interested to work with Crimea. “We are here to listen to suggestions of Sevastopol and then come back to Italy and consider them. We will analyze available offers and come back to proceed with discussion”, - said Mr. Valdegamberi.

Town Twinning Plans

Dmitry Ovsynnikov noted that sides plan to sign the agreement for town twinning of Sevastopol and one of the Italian cities, representatives of which have come to Crimea. “Further cooperation in cultural sphere could be established by signing memorandum of partnership with an Italian city. It is interesting for us, we will continue to work on that and Legislative Assembly of Sevastopol will support us”, -said acting Governor of Sevastopol.

Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of Sevastopol Ekaterina Altabaeva has supported this initiative. “Italy has amazing cities and Sevastopol could become relatives with each of them. We will consult on that and I suppose such agreement will be signed”, - said Ms. Altabaeva.

Interest to YIEF

Italian delegation will become the strongest delegation within the III Yalta International Economic Forum (YIEF), which will take place on April 20-22, 2017, commented Director of the “YIEF” Foundation Sergey Lazutkin. “YIEF” Foundation and the Government of the Republic of Crimea became organizers of the visit.

“Delegation members intend to participate in the III YIEF. The whole thing is that Italian delegation will be the strongest within the Forum. Previous year the largest delegation arrived from Greece”, - commented Mr. Lazutkin.

He also said that the visit of Italian politicians and business representatives to Crimea is only a part of work on developing economic cooperation between Crimea and Italy. “There are multifaceted interactions. Recently we have visited the Marches region and met representatives of authorities, mayors and Regions’ Prefect. We also hold the meetings with Italian small and big entrepreneurs. Italian business is highly interested in the situation in Crimea and available opportunities for business. Everybody has framed specific and clear questions on such issues as agriculture, industry and tourism. Now we are doing a substantive work in that direction to make the visit not only familiarizing but turned out to be really effective. An intermediate result will be a visit of a representative delegation from Italy to YIEF-2017” – said the Director of the “YIEF” Foundation.

According to Sergey Lazutkin opinion, Italian entrepreneurs had a chance to understand that Crimean business environment is stable and investments’ risks are minimal. “To realize investment projects, business has to be sure that political and economic situation is reliable and risks are minimal. That is the main goal of the visit. I suppose that they are ready for the positive steps to develop business relations. Today’s meeting will help to overcome their doubts”, - commented the Director of the Foundation.