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20 April '17

YIEF-2017 as seen by the Russian business community and finance experts: “Effective work in Crimea is perfectly realistic

Igor Polishchuk

CEO of Skvortsovo Agro-Industrial Complex LLC:

“The company has been working in Crimea for 15 years; it has over 1,600 employees, and it unites over 6,500 stakeholders who entrust their land to us.

“Effective work in Crimea under sanctions is perfectly realistic. In 2016, we built a new fruit storage with controlled atmosphere; the entire facility is constructed with the use of Dutch equipment, and we had no problems with its delivery.

“Over 2016, Skvortsovo Group invested about 1.2 billion rubles into the economy of Crimea’s agricultural sector. Here, at the Forum, we will sign loan contracts and several other agreements. We are concluding a contract for the construction of a compound feed mill and a grain elevator. This is a large complex for storing and processing grain. We have already purchased the required equipment manufactured in Denmark.

Over the last three years, the company growth has accelerated. When Crimea was part of Ukraine, we planted 20 hectares of apple orchards a year. In 2015, we planted 150 hectares, and 170 hectares in 2016. This was achieved due to subsidizing programmes. We received support for constructing the fruit storage, for purchasing equipment. It offers us good development prospects.”

Alexander Kalinin

President, All-Russian Non-Governmental Organization “Opora Rossiy”:

“‘Opora Rossiy’ holds a special section at the YIEF titled ‘Small Production Business in the Republic of Crimea. Limits and Opportunities.’ The main item on the agenda is looking for new growth points for the Crimean business, for new development techniques, new sales markets. Today, we see that investment projects in Crimea are actively developing, and both private and governmental investments into the region are increasing. The state is building power plants, the Kerch Strait Bridge, roads, the military infrastructure. And Crimea’s small business should work on these contracts; we will teach it to look for tender auctions and to win them, to find sales markets, we will teach it to use legislation to defend itself against unfounded pressure of regulatory and supervisory authorities, we will teach it to find partners on the mainland. We want Crimeans to move confidently into the manufacturing sector and construction and feel at home there.

Today, the situation with small and medium business in Crimea has improved. I remember 2014–2015: people were confused, they did not understand how they could work under the new legislation, they asked for the transitional period to be extended. Because of the sanctions, many people lost a part of their business or their entire business. Today, these entrepreneurs have already found their niches, they feel comfortable with the Russian legal system, they actively communicate and cooperate with their colleagues from other Russian regions.”

Anatoly Aksakov

President, Association of Regional Banks of Russia; Member of the Russian State Duma’s Committee on Financial Markets:

“The Forum is expanding; it is becoming bigger and better. It is a good working platform. Previously, there was a lot of politics and flag-waving, and now work is being done, specific questions are being discussed: how we must change our actions to make lending and financing for projects in Crimea more efficient. Any Forum must be a working event that gives people specific and useful solutions. This is the main thing.

“I think the banking section was a success. We had a useful conversation that helped elucidate the junctions that require, among other things, legislative adjustments. A good event. A good round table.

“I was born in Crimea, and I like visiting here. Given that lending issues and economic issues in general are very important, and Crimea is part of the Russian economy now, a banking session was held. Crimeans have found themselves in a unique situation that is not entirely favorable, since not everything has been settled yet, the transitional period is still continuing. Clearly, the local authorities will be able to be more effective if they receive feedback and specific suggestions, and that is also important for me as a lawmaker.”

Alexey Simanovsky

Member of the Board of Directors, Central Bank of the Russian Federation:

“The Forum leaves a very good impression; our round table was intense, fruitful, and lively. It means life in Crimea is looking up and developing.

“Any exchange of opinions opens up additional opportunities, any communication between the authorities and the business community at a round table means resolution of economic problems, means an opportunity for the authorities to see the existing problems and respond to them promptly. I think this Forum is a wonderful venue for business communication.”

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