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20 April '17

RNCB Concludes Agreement with Skvortsovo Company to Implement Investment Projects in Crimea for Total Sum of About Two Billion Rubles

Russian National Commercial Bank, PJSC concluded a cooperation agreement with OOO MPK Skvortsovo (part of the Skvortsovo Group) at the Yalta International Economic Forum. The agreement specifically implies joint work within the framework of large investment projects to be implemented in Simferopol region: construction of a facility for simultaneous storage of 40,000 tons and processing of 120,000 tons of grain per year and erection of a closed-cycle livestock complex with the capacity of 100,000 pigs per year.

“Last year the bank already financed one of the projects of the Skvortsovo Group – construction of the first high-tech fruit storage facility in Crimea,” Alexey Scherbakov, VP – Director for Corporate Business, RNCB. “This group of companies is our reliable and financially stable partner, and we are ready to support implementation of its projects aimed at developing the region’s economy.”

“The amount of investments in the construction of the grain storage and processing complex is 800 million rubles, while the erection of the livestock complex will require more than a billion rubles,” said Igor Polischuk, General Director of OOO MPK Skvortsovo. “Our agreement with RNCB includes reduced-rate financing in accordance with the program of concessional lending to enterprises of the agro-industrial complex. To solve the tasks of import substitution and ensure food security of Crimea, we are planning to use state-of-the-art resource-saving technologies during the projects implementation.”

The Skvortsovo Group has been operating in Crimea for 15 years and it currently includes Skvortsovo meat processing plant, GIT vehicle company, and a group of agricultural producers of the agro-industrial complex: OOO Veles-Krym, OOO Antey, OOO Yarosvit Agro, OOO Yuzhnaya.


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