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21 April '17

Leader of the Italian Party "Lega Nord" Matteo Salvini has forwarded Greetings to the Participants of the YIEF-2017

Matteo Salvini, a member of the European Parliament, leader of the influential Northern League party, sent video greetings to the participants of the Third Yalta International Economic Forum. The video can be viewed on the Forum’s official YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRpFDO-9R3w.

Below is the complete text of Mr Salvini’s address:

“Best wishes from Italy to all the delegates, politicians, journalists, and entrepreneurs who have assembled in Yalta to search for and restore the connection and relations between Italy and Russia, between our regions and your wonderful land.

You are participating in the Yalta Economic Forum. I was fortunate to have been the first representative of political circles of a western European state to go back to the already liberated Crimea after the people’s free democratic referendum held there.

There is information that Crimea which remains a region with the unrecognized status – let’s hope that this situation will change soon – is receiving a gigantic influx of resources. This wonderful region could offer Italian companies incredible investment opportunities. From the point of view of tourism, Crimea has a lot to offer. I wish you successful work! And thank you, because you have undoubtedly come to Crimea in defiance of the boycott and doubts of so many people saying ‘no!’

Allegedly, the region experiences shortages of various kinds, not to mention a shortage of democracy, although I think that it is another region altogether that has a dearth of democracy. So I wish you a successful Forum, successful transactions, a successful dialogue! Let’s go back to discussions, let’s meet each other anew, let’s re-establish commercial relations!

Sanctions imposed on Russia and non-recognition of the demands of the Crimean people hurt not only Russia, but also the Italian business community, who had a hard time. So I wish you a successful Forum. Good luck!”

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