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22 April '17

Georgy Briussov - “The Russian Teams Centre in Alushte is an example of how successful projects can be organised in Crimea”

Georgy Briussov - “The Russian Teams Centre in Alushte is an example of how successful projects can be organised in Crimea”

More than 600 staff members from 22 state and commercial companies took part in the Crimean Corporate Games, under the aegis of the Yalta International Economic Forum. The top team was that from the Yalta City Administration, who won in nine different sports disciplines, while the team with the most participants was Krymmeliovodkhoz. The details were given by the Deputy Head of the YIEF Organiser's Committee, Mr Georgy Bruissov. The arena for the events was the Krymsky Russian Teams Centre in the Yalta suburb of Alushte. The arena has recently been modernised with funds from the Federal Target Fund project, as part of the Development of the RF Physical Culture & Sport Program 2016-2020.

One of the underlying themes of YIEF-2017 was discussion of how breakthrough projects could be swiftly organised in Crimea. The Krymsky Russian Teams Centre is a great example of exactly this kind of project. For twenty years of its life, this once-hallowed former-Olympic training centre was allowed to drift into decay. But the now-rebuilt centre in the Yalta suburb of Alushte is now an undoubted example of an ultra-modern sports facility. The scale of the rebuilding work is astonishing – yet the centre kept working throughout the reconstruction. Just as the YIEF Forum was opening, the Krymsky centre played host to the Russian National Archery Championships, before going on to be the venue for the Crimean Corporate Games. All the corporate staff who were competing are themselves involved in changing the face of today's Crimea, and sport was another way in which they could see the results of the work they are doing, emphasised Mr Georgy Briussov.

During the period of the 3rd Yalta International Economic Forum the Krymsky Teams Centre was visited by the Russian Deputy Sports Minister Natalya Parshikova, along with the President of the Martial Arts Federation Mihail Mamiashvili. It was commented that martial arts athletes are relying on use of the centre in the run-up to their participation in the 2020 Olympics. As part of the rebuilding a 50-metre open swimming pool was built, along with a new hotel, medical centre, and multi-purpose sports hall. The total figure for the federal budget's investment was 2.2 billion roubles.

With help from the Federal Target Fund, Krymsky will also be rebuilt and modernised as the Russian Teams Centre for 2020 - with an expanded Olympic Reserve and a target-shooting range in Simferopol, a Sports Palace in Evpatoria, and the Avantgarde Stadium in Yalta. The Gornyak Stadium in Sevastopol will be rebuilt, alongside a new sports and curative centre. The overall budget for these projects is 4.5 billion roubles. Development of sports infrastructure was the main discussion topic at the 3rd Yalta International Economic Forum's debate title “Through Sport To Integration”.


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The Yalta International Economic Forum (YIEF) is an annual international business event centred on economics, and held in Crimea. YMEF is rated among the Top Four economic forums in Russia – alongside the St Petersburg Economic Forum, the Eastern Economic Forum, and the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi.

The Forum's organisers are the Government of the Crimean Republic, and The Yalta International Economic Forum Foundation, with the support of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation.

This year's YIEF event, which takes place over 20th, 21st and 22n April, has gathered more than 1500 attendees, including over 150 international participants from over 40 different countries. The most numerous of the foreign delegations attending YIEF this year has been from Italy – with over 50 delegates attending.

The primary venue for the Forum, as in previous years, is the MRIYA RESORT & SPA hotel – while a series of events is also being held at the Livadia Palace, and at other venue locations located along the southern shores of Crimea.

The program for YIEF-2017 features more than 29 business events, 25 themed sessions, a central feature session devoted to developments in Crimea's construction sector, and the keynote discussion at YIEF, the main plenary session – which is divided into three thematic sections – 'World', 'Country', and 'People'. The 'World' section throws the focus onto the economic situation in Russia through the prism of international business. It's envisaged to look at issues of Russia's place in the world economy, Russian experience as a business partner, and a discussion of the opportunities which Russia presents for international investors. During the 'Country' section Forum participants will be focusing on the potential for Russia to develop an innovation-based economy that will meet tomorrow's needs. During the 'People' section social issues and care for the environment will take centre-stage.

On the sidelines of YIEF-2017 it is expected that a slew of Agreements, Contracts, and Memorandums will be signed. According to information from the Ministry of Ecnoomic Development of the Crimean Republic, the sums involved in the expected agreements and memorandums for projects will top 53 billion Russian roubles in committed investment funds.

Crimea's investment potential is highlighted in a special exhibition of investment projects due to run for the entire three days of the Forum. Forum participants will be presenting over 35 projects and sites which are already at the green-light stage for investment, as well as examples of major investment and infrastructure projects which are already up-and-running.

The business program for the closing day of YIEF-2017 offers individual meetings with the Head of the Crimean Republic, Mr Sergey Aksionov, for official delegations, investors, and members of the business community.

The Cultural Program of the Forum will include a performance by the Severny Gorod (Northern City) orchestra, under its director Mr Fabio Pirola; a rally of old-timer vehicles; and excursions to different historic heritage locations along the southern shores of Crimea.

An important element of YIEF-2017 will be sports events for business program participants, which will continue throughout the whole period of the Forum. Under the aegis of YIEF-2017, the IInd Crimean Corporate Games will be held. These include mini-football, basketball, football, chess, checkers, 100m and 800m sprint runs, tug-'o-war, arm-wrestling, kettle-bell, weightlifting, press-ups, and darts. Nearly 400 people are expected to participate.

Last year's YIEF-2016 took place over 14th to 16th April, and attracted over 1100 people – including governmental figures, members of the business community, and economic experts. Among the visitors were more than 70 international participants from 26 different countries. These included business leaders, politicians, and other significant opinion-formers. This was the largest number to date of foreign business visitors to Crimea since the peninsula reunited with Russia.

YIEF-2016 saw the inking of 12 different investment agreements, to a total value of over 70 billion roubles – as well as the development of mechanisms to protect the economic interests of foreign investors interested in investing in Crimea, so that they remain unaffected by the malign effects of western sanctions imposed on Russia. The Forum played host to the signing of contract for building a new terminal for Simferopol International Airport, whose total contract value amounted to 32 billion roubles. This made it the most valuable investment project in the history of the Crimean Republic.


YIEF-2017 Partners

Straregic YIEF-2017 Partner – VAD Corporation. General YIEF-2017 Partners RNKB Bank PAO, Sibavtoban Corporation, and Mirya Resort & Spa hotel complex. Official YIEF-2017 partner – AB ROSSIYA Corporation. Key YIEF-2017 partners include KubanEnergo Public Corporation; Titanovie Investitsiy Corp; Crimean Soda Works Corp; Morskaya Direktsiya Corp; Parangon State Corp; Crimean Fruits Company.

A huge raft of different companies have stepped forward as partners of Forum Sessions.


Information Partners

The work YIEF-2017 is reported and broadcast by over 250 different Russian and international media organisations.

The YIEF-2017 Strategic Information Partner is TASS. YIEF-2017 General Information Partners are the Russia Today, Rossiya Segodnya, Perviy Krymsky and Krym-24 TV channels; Radio Krym; MIA Rossiya Segodnya. and Komsomolskaya Pravda. General Internet Information Partners are: RNS, Lenta.ru, and Gazeta.ru.

Special Information Partners of the Forum's proceedings are Vedomosti, RBK television channel, and RIA Novosti Krym.

The official radio station for the Forum is Radio Sputnik Krym, Official Information Partners are PRIME and Rossiya Segodnya.

Additional information partners of the Forum include Rossiyskaya Gazeta; Delovoy Krym magazine; Interfax-Yug information agency; Strana television channel; Izvestia; NIA-Federatsiya; Krymskaya Gazeta; Krymskoe Informatsionnoye Agenstsvo (KIA); Kryminform corporation' Krymsky Journal; and Ekonomika i Zhizn'.

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