Yalta International Economic Forum Information portal

+7 (812) 6430709

Yalta International Economic Forum Information portal

+7 (812) 6430709

Accreditation Procedure

After receiving an invitation to the Forum, completion of the online registration process and settlement of payment, each participant should obtain an accreditation badge in the Accreditation point of the Forum.

Please be advised that access to the Forum venue will be granted only upon presentation of an accreditation badge.

Before claiming your badge, please be sure that:

  • you have completed the online registration procedure;
  • you have accurately provided all the requisite personal information;
  • your participation has been approved by the Forum’s Organizing Committee and that this fact is reflected in the organizers’ data system;
  • you have uploaded a badge photo to your Personal Web Office or have already submitted a photo to the organizers in the requisite format (a colour photograph on a white background, in JPEG format, 480×640 pixels, 300 dpi resolution, including a frontal view of the entire face, head uncovered, and with the face making up at least 70% of the photograph).

Prior to collecting your badge, you are advised to contact your Delegate Manager or the Information Centre to confirm if it is ready. Please note that you must present your passport in order to pick up your accreditation badge. An authorised representative may collect your badge only by presenting his or her own passport, plus a power of attorney.

Your accreditation badge must be visible at all times during the Forum. Accreditation badges are non-transferrable. If you find a badge, please return it to the Accreditation Point.

On issues, related to participation in the Yalta International Economic Forum please contact us

by phone +7 (812) 6430709

via email info@forumyalta.com